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  • a7xvicky 3 years ago

    Looks the same if you ask me

  • theMusicFairy1 3 years ago

    probably because of the honey, you can use sugar, water, and lemon mixture,
    but this requires cooking.

  • Kaya Kostas 3 years ago

    You pulled the fabric away in the wrong way

  • Sarah Campbell-Minter 3 years ago

    the chic with the brows needs to see the chic on the following page about
    that facial scrub-up close and personal

  • l Ruchira l 3 years ago

    Mine hardens as it cools, help!

  • fc kc 3 years ago

    You need to pull in opposite direction

  • theMusicFairy1 3 years ago

    I think the Popsicle stick is to big to use on the brows.

  • debbytr1 3 years ago

    Do u need to use the lemon

  • ayleen gonzalez 3 years ago

    How long do u keep it in the microwave

  • Caitlin Vernon 3 years ago

    can you use this on other places, except for your face, like legs??

  • Liz M 3 years ago

    Threading is better waxing sucks lol

  • nighthawknina86 3 years ago

    i could tell that hair came off

  • Mitch smile 3 years ago

    looks yummy this made me hungry haha

  • Vamp Blue 3 years ago

    looked like the same to me and your pulling from the wrong direction lolz

  • KDOTSUNA 3 years ago

    this sounds tooo good to be true

  • Trinity Jenkins 3 years ago

    I tryed this and it is better than useing regular boilling hot wax i use
    this stuff every day and its merical worker

  • babysmoothnet 3 years ago

    Waxing is an ouch but other people opt to do this that threading. This is a
    great video!

  • bbarbie doll 3 years ago

    Can u use that on body 

  • Abeydah Q 3 years ago

    i swear the wax is way too watery tho..? and it didnt even do shit lool.
    looked the same afterwards 

  • babbu. masitan 3 years ago
  • djamie wellie 3 years ago

    DAMN this wax burned my face !! 

  • Woo-chang lee 3 years ago

    why she talks so slow???

  • chikia clark 3 years ago

    Did it even work???? Looks watery.

  • Heba Debbar 3 years ago

    Hunny nd sugar does work, the problem is when she pulled the cotton strip,
    she didn’t go against the hair grow direction, u have to put the wax on
    according to it’s direction, but pull it against it, if u dnt, u wnt remove
    the hair, just like on the video

  • Mzz Mona 3 years ago

    it would have been visable to show what the home made wax removal did, when
    u removed the cloth from the young girl’s face ( I am sorry I didnt get her

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