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  • See Paula Run 3 years ago

    The cause is mostly allergies. That is what I have found in my research.
    Hope this helps.

  • Jenny D 3 years ago

    i have undereye circles when i was 4 ! Can u please recommend a product to
    cure it PLEASE!subscribed

  • Bobbie JusluvinBeauty 3 years ago

    I also have had the same problem my whole life. It’s passed down from my
    father. Amazing how much our under eyes look alike. I have looked you tube
    over for a fix it for my eyes. Ever since I found out about you tube, which
    is a LONG TIME AGO. I can’t believe I have all the cosmetics (same colors,
    brands & all) that you used here except the last powder. I haven’t tried
    your routine yet but will be going to my makeup station as soon as I write
    this. I sure do hope it works for me as it did for you. I’ll let you know.
    You need to start doing videos again, if possible. Your very pretty & I
    like the way you explain your routine & your dog is center stage,
    lol. Thanks for the much needed Info. Wish me Luck……………..peace

  • Harry Walters 3 years ago

    Damn, sucks being a man with dark rings. Are all women this fake??

  • Jennell B 3 years ago

    Oh my goodness I used to have that Milani concealer! So sad that I can’t
    find it anymore!!!

  • sofiejade 3 years ago

    great video! i just posted a video of how i conceal my under eye area as
    well. I’ve struggled with dark eyes my whole life. hopefully our videos can
    help people out :)

  • Casey Helms 3 years ago

    use nyx yellow hd concealer!

  • K Batista 3 years ago

    omg my dark cricles r like that too and i get teased alot. thanks for the

  • Xfactoronline123 3 years ago

    I have the exact same issue,I have dark under eye circles and they even
    have lines:( ,I find that layering concealer works well and sometimes I use
    a mint colour makeup stick under my eyes, to apply before the concealer in
    order to brighten the darkness before applying concealer. :)

  • Brigitte Hak 3 years ago

    Awww I love your dog! And a very helpfull tutorial!

  • kiss me katie makup and hair 3 years ago

    My name is Katie to

  • Ryan Cheslock 3 years ago

    Your dog is so cute

  • claratsz 3 years ago

    Do you think the erase paste in medium would suit NC25 skin or should I go
    for the fair?

  • IgnoranceIs Bliss 3 years ago

    You look a little bit like Gemma Styles

  • Dorota Bednarz 3 years ago

    I hated my dark circles back when I was in middle school I was picked on
    because I was the only one with them . And its genetic for me , its all
    from my dad . But no because of concealer I don’t have to worry . And
    thanks for this video 🙂 !!! 

  • Krissie Wolf 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tips, I guess it’s time to go shopping!

  • Lisa Muller 3 years ago

    To get rid of the small bags, use Preparation H – Hemorrhoid Salve. Don’t
    use the cream, use the gel type. Dab some on under your eyes before going
    to bed, then wake up with no bags. It’s Great!!! 

  • Jennifer Wright 3 years ago

    I just bought it in fair, and I’m nw 12/15, what shade are you in Mac, I
    wondered if I should have gotten the number 2 shade.

  • Mariana Blueshine 3 years ago

    Doesn’t your under eye area get super cakey with all of those products?
    Mine does!

  • Claudia Venegas 3 years ago

    We seem to have the same skin tone, I also use Revlon Colorstay in 150
    Buff, and I use the Benefit Erase Paste in shade 1 Fair. I wonder if I
    should’ve gotten no.2 for my hereditary dark circles?

  • prootas 3 years ago

    you look like Anne Hathaway. you could be a hollywood star. =D

  • Crystal Lynch 3 years ago

    Should have just left your beginning with Charlie there, so CUTE!!! Good
    video! I too have bluish purple dark circles, I HATE them. I heard
    somewhere else about using a peachy/salmon colored concealer. I’ll have to
    try that. I have a sample of erase paste I got long time ago, gonna have to
    give it a try!

  • Becky White 3 years ago


  • Earthgal 3 years ago

    Nice tips. Thank you.

  • emily morgan 3 years ago

    Your dog is adorable!

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