How I Straighten My Curly Hair: Tutorial, Products & Tips | Jaydee Stone

I take you through every aspect of straightening my hair including step by step instructions and and details about all of the products I use! Don’t forget to…
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25 Replies to “How I Straighten My Curly Hair: Tutorial, Products & Tips | Jaydee Stone”

  1. Olivia J

    You are Sooo beautiful!!!!! You’re beautiful curly or straight!!!! I know
    curly hair can be annoying at times s thats why I straighten mine too.

  2. dancer2b456

    What’s the name of the products in the pink bottle and small container? I
    couldn’t really hear what you said. 

  3. Karem Khaled

    You’re sooooo beautiful with your natural hair 0:20
    I wonder why didn’t you keep it.. Looks a lot better than the regular
    hairstyle which every girl have xD but still you’re looking great.

  4. chaima ben

    i love the way u say haiiiirrr! i just love it and you r so pretty and
    thank you that really helped me <3

  5. ollivandermo

    Wow I’ve never even heard of a straightening brush. Your hair looks
    gorgeous and healthy that I kind of just thought your hair was just
    naturally like that!

  6. Becs R

    Your natural hair actually looks nice, you probably just need some products
    to define your curls more. Must say it also looks amazing straight! 🙂 

  7. Vilma Marie

    You should try “It`s a 10” leave-in conditioner and hair mask. My hair is
    super curly and when I blow dry I only use those 2 products and a few drops
    of argan oil that I get at Boots….It lasts really well with no Frizz x

  8. Somaligirl1234

    Can you list it on your blog. I like reading things more than following it.
    Please and thank you!!

  9. Halah Boss

    How does your hair go straight without a straightener at first? Did you get
    like a treatment btw your gorgeous and my idol.

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