Mahalo professional hair stylist Christine Grajeda, from Studio DNA, shows you how to apply hairspray to maximize volume. How to Apply Hairspray to Maximize … Related




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  • MegaPrincehuman 3 years ago

    I didn’t see any difference whatsoever before and after.. that could be
    done with any other hair product.. I have yet to see the actual use of hair
    spray . even water could have done that. LOL

  • Alphapunk2 3 years ago

    the model looks abit like mila kunis 😀

  • Chilly Moon 3 years ago

    Showing off r we

  • Andrew Thach 3 years ago


  • Melissa Cha 3 years ago

    This was not a good volumizing video sorry to say but u just made her hair
    look your oily.

  • Maryam Ejaz 3 years ago

    iz it juz me or iz her hair greasy?? to u negative nancies out there: im
    not tryna be mean!! an dont say anything about ma spelling because we aint
    in a english assesment!! loool

  • Loraine Luk 3 years ago

    ur welcome! 🙂

  • Vanessa Kasatkina 3 years ago

    Ah chelsea is such a cutie pie 🙂

  • Loraine Luk 3 years ago

    no because it would just make your hair stick to the style you had before
    and the result when you curl your hair after wouldnt be as good

  • aeslin gallegos 3 years ago

    Really wow not good

  • ForSureUJelly 3 years ago

    Does this work without teasing it first?

  • funofme 3 years ago

    this must be a bitch to brush out

  • ham756 3 years ago

    your huting th poor thing

  • R Ree 3 years ago

    Thank you! Well I wear a headscarf now so I don’t think I’ll be curling my
    hair anytime soon but thank you very muc.

  • taylamarieeve 3 years ago

    Thanks for tips 🙂

  • R Ree 3 years ago

    is it okay to apply harspray and then curl?

  • KASSEROLE11 3 years ago

    I hate when the model always looks like they’re about to crack up laughing.
    It’s annoying.

  • Angel Heart 3 years ago

    Her hair looks greasy, thumbs up if u agree

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