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  • melisa güngör 3 years ago

    I had been confused with which eyeshadow brushes to use and when to use
    them. this is the most helpful video ive ever seen! I am going to save
    it. Thank you Marlena i love your videos :)

  • LadyDragonborn 3 years ago

    Excellent video! Thanks Marlena!

  • Zahraa Vantra 3 years ago

    You are so pretty xx

  • Joanna Cloutier 3 years ago

    Can you do a tutorial on the smokey eye you are wearing in this video? I
    love it :)

  • deeray126 3 years ago

    Thanks i understand more now

  • Mika M 3 years ago

    very kind of you to do this video. thanks!

  • Thanda Naing 3 years ago

    Surprisingly helpfull ^_^ 

  • ShortVersX 3 years ago

    I am disappointed that you do not sell for darker skin tones!

  • melina morales 3 years ago

    very helpful!!(: thanks!

  • Edwina Tanujaya 3 years ago


  • Rama M 3 years ago

    I’m like in love with your videos! Haha 

  • Jesse Medin 3 years ago

    Thank you 

  • Layeh Ai 3 years ago

    U cant see my creese line when i open my eyes???

  • sfurr38 3 years ago

    We’re bid you get that eye polite from can you get back to me 

  • fugiegirl 3 years ago

    Would you use the sam colors for a dark skin girl also? +Makeup Geek 

  • redsummerwings 3 years ago

    Very Very helpful! You’re awesome Marlena. God bless you ☺

  • Leticia Perez 3 years ago

    Thank you teacher i love it all your videos but i like if i found a teacher
    like you in spanish thank you !!!!!

  • Miss Nicki 3 years ago

    You did a SUPER job. I felt like I was in school >.< xxxx

  • Katie G. 3 years ago

    Yes, thank you! This was sooo helpful :D

  • MegadethsGirl 3 years ago

    This is fantastic! I will try try this and see which suits my eye shape the
    best :)

  • Lindsey Morrison 3 years ago

    Can you film a tutorial on an Asian model with monolids? I would love to
    see a few different looks with colors, techniques, eyeliners, etc. 

  • Kimmy Olay 3 years ago

    New Subscriber! thanks for the great uploads and makeup tips and info :)

  • Cheri Gamble 3 years ago

    You look beautiful in this video!!!!! Love the hair color on you!!

  • lindalovesmusic1 3 years ago

    I love your videos, do you know which one of these would be good for deep
    set eyes?

  • ErBearLovesYou〈3 3 years ago

    My eyes are uneven, i mean my eye lids are uneven and doing a winged
    eyeliner looks VERY weird how can i fix that?

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