How To Become A Fat Burning Machine – Stop Eating These Foods – The Spill Over Effect Hey Live Leaners, On today’s episode, I’m going to share one of my top … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


  • Danny Alconcel 3 years ago

    Brad nailed it. After years of a “vicious” cycle of processed foods, high
    carbs, high sugar, I finally adopted a primal diet consisting of real
    foods. It’s made a huge difference in the way I look and the way I feel. 

  • Aris Psaltis 3 years ago

    4:05 dafak???

  • 560pizza 3 years ago

    What about I wake up and have a banana? Is that bad for my blood sugar?

  • Lord Revan 3 years ago

    Hear, hear bro!!

  • outsiders 3 years ago

    is this guy gay? I mean, he certainly looks awesome, a bit too awesome,
    taking refinement of the appearance to a ridiculously high level. Very
    narrow hips as well, an attribute i will never have unfortunately, damn you

  • Diogenes from Sinope 3 years ago

    so i can eat nothing anymore?

  • Majd .Kaltakji 3 years ago

    What I hate is that EVERY product on the shelf has sugar, from Ketchup to
    mustard to cottage cheeze to even FISH !!!!! I am surprised

  • Michael Vega 3 years ago

    Fruits and veggies aren’t “CARBS”

  • Yaaseen knox 3 years ago

    indonesian ppl have the lowest rate of obesity… and they eat rice 3 times
    a day, snack on shrimp crackers and deep fry almost anything… how is it

  • Christina Menikou 3 years ago

    I just found you and you are amazing !

  • megan brown 3 years ago

    This guy is Batman. Listen to him. 

  • Richard Cornett 3 years ago

    Question as a diabetic i start to crash when my sugar drops below 80, but
    I’m curious will it rise again if i start to exercise, say instead of
    eating something…
    just curious?

  • Cristian Nolgath 3 years ago

    i will die starvin then…

  • Darrien Harris 3 years ago

    Dude that batman shirt >>

  • Jolita Brilliant 3 years ago

    great vid

  • Kalpesh Panchal 3 years ago

    Try this and see results faster than ever!

    #FatLossTips #FatBurning 

  • Victor Crosswell 3 years ago

    I eat over 2000 grams of carbs a day with no fat gain spill over bullshit.
    Its not sugar causing people to get fat, its eating animal fat and animal
    protein from eating enslaved,tortured and killed dead animal bodies.
    The processed carbs he is talking about does not make you gain fat, look
    at that cake,candybar,pastry wrapper and look at the fat(check the
    ingrediants as well, bet you it’s animal fat) thats causing the fat on you.
    Sugar does no cause you to crash, its the fat again, do this experiment
    drink a glass of sugar water alone by itself and see if you crash(you
    wont), then after you dont crash off that eat that nasty ass animal fat
    crap and see the crash. 

  • imrandma 3 years ago

    Another fad diet known as the Paleo Diet. Unsustainable for you.

  • Josh Graham 3 years ago

    Muscle milk has 25 grams of protein is that a good source

  • AwesomeCyborgFROG 3 years ago

    I hate paleo diet so much lol

  • David Simons 3 years ago

    You are extremely GOOD looking!!! Oh yeah, I love your videos, too. But,
    nice to have some good eye candy as you are watching the videos, too. 

  • smithraymond09029 3 years ago

    Is this the “Caveman” diet? 

  • Carlos Fuentes 3 years ago

    what are processed carbohydrates

  • imrandma 3 years ago

    Oh please no. Basically a fad diet known as the Paleo Diet. Moronic and
    unsustainable. Good for vain shallow people.

  • Ashley Cagle 3 years ago

    i know weird question but i eat mixed vegetables mixed with a protein.. is
    that bad because the frozen mixed veggies have corn in it ? 8(

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