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  • elizabeth rigby 3 years ago

    I’m a teenager and I had awful, awful skin for about two years. I tried
    everything and could not get rid of it. I finally went to the doctor and
    I’ve been on acne tablets ever since. Just one little one a day and my skin
    has never been better. No strange side effects, it just makes you more
    susceptible to the sun so always wear a hat and sunscreen and you’ll be
    looking fabulous!

  • Emma St-Onge 3 years ago

    i love the murad clogged pore line i have slight combination skin so it is
    hard to find products but the facewash had unclogged my pores on my nose
    very well and doesn’t dry out the dryer spots i heard their acne line is
    amazing too

  • Anna Wheeler 3 years ago


  • Amy Yu 3 years ago

    please do more teen skin videos :)

  • Ladychechi98 3 years ago

    This video just cleared many doubts for me and was really helpful and
    informative. New subbie here adoring your channel!!!

  • LA Curly Girls 3 years ago

    Do you have a curly teen at home? Do you suffer from acne breakouts? Take a
    look at @gossmakeupartist tips.

  • Rikki Mykal 3 years ago

    what about witch hazel in toners?

  • Shayna Koemai 3 years ago

    This is why I have perfect skin! I dont use alot of make up and for Gods
    sake (american teens) stop eating so unhealthy that’s why u guys r breaking
    out so much the food you eat and the hormones will not always go good

  • Naveese 3 years ago

    Thankfully, it’s christmas. I’ll be looking into a few products to try out.
    I never don’t have acne, so I put my trust in you :P

  • minimakeup4 3 years ago

    i had PERFECT skin until October and then BAM! my skin was never the same
    :'( and it actually really like killed me on the inside. But i recently got
    some new products and IDK what it is but my skin hasn’t looked better *knocks
    on wood* Im not really sure what helped but i think it was my toner. Like
    TONER SAVED MY SKIN!! I. think.. LOL! I use 2 acne face washes at night.
    one with salisylic acid (idk the percentage) and then another with 10%
    benzoyl peroxide. maybe its over washing but i think it helps.. idk..

  • Macy Rose 3 years ago

    People Tee tree oil also help a lot. It helped me so much! it shrinks your
    acne, just apply it to the zit acnee or blemish it feels like a cool mints
    wash. You can also use it in your face wash face creams and face masks. 

  • Stella Rue 3 years ago

    I use prescription face wash from my doctor. With 5% benzoyl peroxide. I
    had bad acne but it cleaned my face in two weeks. I was also prescribed a
    gel that breezes the pores nicely. So I recommend those with severe acne to
    check with your doctor. They help a lot

  • popcorn7754 3 years ago

    How do you treat dry flaky skin around the nose and between the brows ?? I
    really have a hard time because any foundation I wear shows those dry
    spots! PLEASE HELP!

  • CinematicStripes 3 years ago

    Do you know anything that can help redness? I’m 15 and have been dealing
    with rosacea for a few years now (just the redness, not the kind that
    resembles acne) and nothing seems to help. I’ve been to a dermatologist and
    take medicine for it but it’s the worst thing knowing that if I get my
    makeup messed up or smudged off everyone can see the redness. I constantly
    worry about it and it causes a lot of stress, is there any products you
    could recommend?

  • Lucy Jayne 3 years ago

    benzyl peroxide really is great for skin, i use ‘duac once daily cream’
    which contains it, and it gets rid of spots so well!

  • elodie p 3 years ago

    Hello I have a great skin but on my forehead I can see spots scars and
    little spots please how can I get ride of that ?

  • sayhihimimi 3 years ago

    What if you don’t have acne but your skin is not smooth? I have bumps on my
    face and they are not blackheads nor whiteheads. How can you keep your skin

  • Allie Crisanto 3 years ago

    What can you use instead of a toner or astringent? I find that washing my
    face and not using a toner afterwards makes my Face feel tight

  • ImNotASlutIJust〈3〈3 3 years ago

    I’m currently using Clean and Clear everyday scrub, to clear out the rash
    that I got by sleeping in makeup. Never again will I make that mistake
    again!!!! Thanks for your tips tho. Maybe if you had written those acids at
    the bottom I would’ve been able to google them and get them on amazon. But
    hey, at least you tried to make sense to me!!!

  • Nitya Paramita 3 years ago

    he looks like beckham.. 2:16

  • GirlSideOfGaming 3 years ago

    I had very bad spots and I went to my doctors and he gave me benzoyl
    peroxide and I admit it has worked wonders and has made a huge difference.
    I only need to apply a small amount onto the blemishes. I must say a side
    affect can be dry skin but I just apply a moisturiser afterwards. My skin
    is at it’s best before I ever had spots and that was 3/4 years ago! I
    always kept looking out for products that actually work and none of them
    ever did. Thanks for making this video it was extremely helpful!

  • VivaVistaMac1 3 years ago

    But Cetaphil cleanser contains parabans… :/

  • demitra byrne 3 years ago

    i use surgical spirit to cleanse, it works better than any cosmetic
    cleanser i have ever tried, it takes the dirt right out of my acne-prone

  • Aoife m 3 years ago

    What products would you say would work for redness skin as I’ve got really
    bad redness skin and cannot find a full coverage foundation 

  • karinna d 3 years ago

    hi can someone pleaseeee help me!!! i have dry skin and i just got a
    moisturizer that is aimed towards dry skin. its a high end brand so i
    figured it had good ingredients, but I’m stupid and didn’t read that
    ingredients. the third or forth ingredient is alcohol. and that scares be
    because alcohol=dryness. i don’t know why they would have alcohol in a
    MOISTURIZER for dry skin. could the product just be a total scam like some
    chap sticks that purposely make your lips drying so you use more of it, and
    there for by more of it? or is the alcohol harmless in the moisturizer and
    its just there for sanitation purposes. PLEASE HELP ME!!

  • miriam alash 3 years ago

    i turn off the light when i go to the bathroom too… for the same reason

  • Yosra Ryan 3 years ago

    Wow bb u change a lot

  • spidaminida 3 years ago

    A friend of mine had that peculiar pattern of acne and she was at her wit’s
    end so she tried going to a naturopath. They came to the conclusion that
    she wasn’t great at digesting wheat, and when she cut it out her skin
    cleared up beautifully.
    If it’s at all helpful, that pattern is actually a watershed of the
    lymphatic circulatiary system that is basically responsible for supplying
    immunity function and carrying dead white blood cells (which creates pus
    when it accumulates) and other subutaneous nasties away. So perhaps
    applying the product in such a way as to increase lymphatic drainage from
    the face would help?

  • Maheen Shaiq 3 years ago

    Omg you’re so young in this! You look like a teenager! Adorable :D

  • Sabrina 3 years ago


  • Kiara Milsom 3 years ago

    wow you look so young!!! hahah great video!!! so much help

  • Kitty Star 3 years ago

    The method of disinfecting your skin is the same i used.
    only i was never gentle while cleaning.
    i scrubbed with a towel and then actually used hand sanatizer like an
    aftershave ( spread it in my hands and rubbed it on my face) which ‘hurt’,
    but i felt it working, and that was what i needed.
    afterwards i used a quite cheap hydrating gel.
    it worked AMAZINGLY!

  • blueribbon nanny 3 years ago

    After years of trying everything, including roacutane twice, I went on the
    pill, cleared up practically overnight. Doubt that would have worked for
    you though lol xoxo I think for women, it’s sometimes simply hormonal, and
    the topical product, and sometimes even the hard core meds don’t/won’t
    work…cetaphil is great and in Australia we have a similar product called
    QV wash, which is also brilliant. I’ve been to a couple of dermatologists
    in my time, and they all recommend a simple regime like yours….I suffered
    with moderate to severe acne for 25 years, so I understand the trauma it
    can cause. Good luck everyone!

  • Frappa Canu 3 years ago

    i followed a very similar routine for some months and all the cystic
    comedones came to surface and cleared themselves. i virtually have no

  • Dee glam 3 years ago

    Omg u look so different here 

  • Chef Tunde Shaanoun 3 years ago

    Hi. Thanks for sharing your fight with acne. I just recently found
    something that works for my skin. It’s a but dangerous but it made my acne
    go away. I wash my face with Hibiclens. chlorhexidine Gluconate solution
    4%. I did it every day until my acne got better. It took about two weeks.
    Now I’m only using it every 3-4 days. I apply it with a brush spearing my
    nose and eyes and mouth. Sense it can do damage if it’s gets inside. I
    fallow up with a deep cleansing mask. With draws out deep dwelling pore
    cloggers. Then I apply. Metronidazole gel 1%. I use the mask and the gel
    every day. So that’s what helped me so far. 

  • Clemwell Milan 3 years ago

    Oh wayne you look sp much hotter and younger with this hairdo!

  • Mind over Mindfuck 3 years ago

    Had I only known this when I had these problems :/ What fixed it for me was
    a cure prescribed by a professional, a medicament named Dalacin in the
    morning and mid-day and Epiduo in the evening. It took some time, and it
    still didn’t completely clear my skin, but it looked much much better, to
    the point of nobody noticing my acne anymore. I never stopped with the cure
    either, and is still using it four years later, in spite of it being a
    three-month-cure. I have lousy eating habits, sleep little to not at all
    and lack a lot of vitamins and proteins, so to anyone thinking of using
    this treatment, but not having that bad skin; fix your lifestyle first. It
    may be the only cause. If it’s not, than this treatment works for oily but
    fairly normal skin. Also, the first week it’s gonna burn like hell, so…
    Good luck!

  • Musty Rahman 3 years ago

    Really appreciate this mate. I consider myself good looking trying not be
    too arrogant, but mo*******ing acne destroys me

  • Pink90Cess 3 years ago

    Omg what a trip. You look so young here. I am sensitive to everyone o my
    face. I am acne prone skin. And I dis like it so much. Because whatever I
    put on I always break out

  • Beanie Pkan 3 years ago

    So does this work for blackheads as well ?

  • Emma Gould 3 years ago

    i’ve got that oxyten but in strength 10, my face was incredibly dry and red
    as you described so got worried and stopped using it but after hearing the
    rest of your story I want to give this another go but as how you did

  • Chanunys 3 years ago

    don’t worry about your videos being deleted what matters is what’s in you
    so they can delete your videos but is you that have the knowlege

  • Killuminatisx blupp 3 years ago

    I cant get oxy 10 here.. :c

  • Katherine Smith 3 years ago

    I feel I should also point out that about a quarter of the population is
    gluten-intolerant, and gluten intolerance is, many times, responsible for
    severe or even cystic acne. I used to suffer from hidradenitis suppurativa
    (chronic boils on the body–at any given point in time I would have about
    10+ boils on my underarms, backs of legs, and rear end–not pretty at all)
    and it was soooo extremely painful and INCREDIBLY embarrassing. After I
    stopped eating bread (I’m not completely gluten-free, but I have cut out
    the majority of it) and limited my processed sugar intake, my boils went
    away. I will get the odd one every now and then if I slip up and eat, say,
    a doughnut, but other than that, my plague has been lifted. Just throwing
    that out there. Your tips were really great, I wish I had tried that when I
    had acne on my face around puberty.

  • gillyraawr 3 years ago

    I have no clue on where to look for oxy 2.5 , please anyone? not in boots
    or my local pharmacys

  • luckygreenstar22 3 years ago

    Wait but is oxy 10 sold in stores or is it just by prescription? He said he
    went to a chemist, so I’m a bit puzzled.

  • DanielFreakinAwesome 3 years ago

    This didnt really work for me.. It made my skin feel smoother and dryer,
    but the ance is still there. However, it did clear up my blackheads.

  • Amber Rosalie 3 years ago

    I was on roaccutane for 9 months which completely cleared my skin. Only
    problem was it wasn’t a permanent fix. My skin was utterly horrendous and
    it was all over my face and down my jaw too. No part of my face was free of
    it. One doctor told me he’d never seen anyone which such horrific acne, so
    I went on the drug. Now two years later, I still find myself struggling
    with regular pimples (though nowhere near as bad), but for the price we
    paid and the belief I’d be free of acne, I’m really disappointed. I’ve
    always wanted flawless skin but have never been able to have it and now
    have a face full of scars as well.
    Perhaps I need to give this regime a go..?

  • Terri K 3 years ago

    I never got a chance to use such a system. I used to have acne and I can’t
    even recall what truly helped. I think it was more so doing how you did as
    far as not irritating my skin as I washed it and putting on the acne spot
    treatments. I do have a question though: how did you get rid of the dark
    spots? That is my only issue since my acne has calmed down. Thanks for
    sharing this video oxox!

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