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  • Rebecca Ramirez 3 years ago

    And that hairdresser is so rude, he looks annoyed by even having to suggest
    how to cut your own hair. Thanks for the tip anyway lol I’m gonna go fund
    my hair scissors 

  • Pennie's Way 3 years ago

    So, he is basically saying, don’t cut your own hair but if you are going to
    do it, this is how, but again, don’t do it, lol! I did not get the feel of
    this video, didn’t seem very professional.

  • Sinem Pacaci 3 years ago

    Thats what they all say don’t do it yourself you will screw up they just
    rip you off. A professional here costs like 57 AUD just to trim and style
    hair a little bit and the last time I went my hair dresser only did a half
    ass job Im sure I could do better. 

  • sunshine.janice walker 3 years ago

    I do this and it works perfect!!!!!

  • Kenza Lammari 3 years ago

    he is french, for sure.

  • klaritydawn 3 years ago

    LOVE This!!! Thank you for the help! I agree nothing better than having it
    done BUT when you cannot find a GREAT or even mildly good hairdresser this
    Will help while on the hunt! Have had soooo many, many bad hairdressers it
    makes you afraid to trust anyone! 

  • Cynthia Davis 3 years ago

    The model is Beautiful and even if she really didn’t want to do this she
    could have smiled and acted like she did. Great Stylist to teach us this
    thank you 

  • Chrono S. 3 years ago

    1:46 her face is like “this idiot is tearing off my beautiful bangs” xD
    hairdresser really should pay more attention when they’re brushing hair

  • Babi Fovi 3 years ago

    if i want to cut my hair … sure it won’t be u cutting it 🙂 

  • Aleesha M 3 years ago

    Haha I love the models facial expressions…

  • super 3 years ago

    The reason why I’ll do it myself because when I tell my hairstylist I want
    to get rid of the dead ends she ends up cutting a lot of my hair or if I
    want layers she will cut too much… So YES I will do myself thank you!

  • 00009aula 3 years ago

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about him being too rough brushing
    her hair…he did just fine, used the proper tools, held the hair while
    detangling the ends. Was it because of the model’s face? Lmfao..

  • Heyitsme!!!!! 3 years ago

    (Title says how to cut long hair yourself) at the end of the video he says
    don’t do this yourself. Ok sounds legit. 

  • Amanda M 3 years ago

    lmao this is so stupid. & the only reason hes saying doing cut it yourself
    is because then “professionals” like himself won’t have a job anymore.
    -___- I successfully cut my own hair and so do many other people on youtube
    . so CUT IT YOURSELF PEOPLE! just watch another video lol

  • izzy s 3 years ago

    why would I take advise from a guy that could barely speak english

  • Anna Lee J. 3 years ago

    No disrespect but instead of giving that woman more split ends than she,
    I’m sure, already has; try brushing out the bottom of her hair and then
    starting from the top brushing downward.

  • pearlrabbit 3 years ago

    dang it’s not a rope why are you pulling so hard on the hair

  • Bell A 3 years ago

    The video is supposed to be on “how to cut long hair yourself” and the last
    thing the guy said is “don’t do it yourself”.. WTF ??? 

  • Daisy LOve 3 years ago

    hahaa! the model seems to be having fun

  • scharliess 3 years ago

    Calm down! Don’t brush these hair so hard! I’m not a hairdresser, but I
    understand that it’s too much!
    She have beautiful hair, she is beautiful!

  • Justcallmekayable 3 years ago

    Unfortunately these tips don’t work on super thick, curly , coarse african
    american hair. Very curly or afro hair is cut best while wet because the
    texture of the curls is smoother when wet and the cut is more even. And any
    curly girl knows never to brush (unless your putting it in a ponytail)
    because it just makes the hair more frizzy. I hope my advice helps !

  • Mugen 3 years ago

    Wow, she looked like she was in pain. Aren’t you supposed to be a
    professional? How can you brush such fine hair so roughly? You’ll damage it
    and give her terrible split ends. See, this is why I don’t go to
    “professional” people to get my hair done anymore. 

  • Lotte Witteman 3 years ago

    Wow the model is beautifull, i want to adopt her hair :'(

  • pearlrabbit 3 years ago

    Make sure you don’t take off the model’s head while brushing…xD and it
    would have been more significant if she did it herself ;as in this is a DIY

  • salamanda 3 years ago

    LOL!!!! The best way to cut long hair yourself is to NOT cut long hair
    yourself. BEST HOW-TO VIDEO EVARR!!

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