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  • tulsi baniya 2 years ago

    Really it wonderful

  • vinitha v 2 years ago

    Is this suits for oil skin?

  • Rajesh R 2 years ago

    I am going to do , Thanks

  • poornima subramanian 2 years ago

    The cream you used can u mention the one which we get in india

  • Deborah HARFORD-CORBETT 2 years ago

    Hey there, we love your home facial and have shared your video on our
    Twitter. @PlanetFemale We hope that is fine by you. Thank you so much we
    enjoyed it. xxx

  • Nitin Kaushal 2 years ago

    So easy.thanx for sharing this video.

  • Naga Raju K 2 years ago

    its better….

  • Emily Sylvia Sun 2 years ago

    lovely lips!

  • meena devi 2 years ago

    can apply scrub daily or for once a weekend coz i have very sensitive skin

  • Likhitha Sri 2 years ago

    I didn’t see tha glow when we done the facial in beauty parlour….

  • tulsi baniya 2 years ago

    Really it wonderful

  • Asra Mehveen 2 years ago

    Why u use ice cold water ??? And not warm water / steam ??? 

  • Rasa Karaliautienė 2 years ago

    I always taking care of my skin just with natural products. I love home
    made stuff. And I believe if we won’t put chemical thing on our body, we
    will look better and age not so fast. I found website where everything
    nicely written.

  • vinitha v 2 years ago

    Hi.. Last two i applied face pack .. Mixture of gram flour with turmeric..
    Oil skin type.. But i got pimples on my face.. What do i do? Help me .. I
    have unwanted hair in face .. I dnt knw how to remove that.. Help me..

  • Sharma Williams 2 years ago

    U need a good Photographer Baby


  • Kim Morris 2 years ago

    I loved this video and have gotten some great tips! I am going to do these
    exact steps! Can’t wait! Tyvm!

  • suzan charly 2 years ago

    Between how many weeks it can be done??

  • Rehan Khan 2 years ago

    thanx shruti im gonna try this

  • Anwar Hossain 2 years ago

    I’am 57 after few days I will be. So what I have to do 

  • Niecole Davis 2 years ago

    Was there a reason why you did not do underneath your face and neck? 

  • lynette longmire 2 years ago

    Nice review!!! Xoxilynette3232

  • Cecelia S 2 years ago

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  • Sofiajmal A 2 years ago

    thanks frd

  • Hungergames20 2 years ago

    I love your accent and you are so pretty!

  • Ranjana Mondal 2 years ago


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