INDIAN LONG HAIR CARE TIPS for healthy hair HOW TO ADD VOLUME TO HAIR Style to Hair HOW TO ADD VOLUME TO HAIR AND GROW HAIR FASTER HAIR CARE TIPS for healthy… Home care tips for healthy hair .. . . . . . Home care tips for healthy hair – The Times of India […]


  • Rainbow Colours 3 years ago
  • Veronica Ehab 3 years ago


  • Vandy s 3 years ago

    lovely tips…..very helpful…try to improve on your English a
    but…..needs a little polishing to Ur language…..otherwise it is an
    excellent video damn informative….

    will be waiting to ee more


  • Amanda Randall 3 years ago

    Check out this great oil, it has a lot of coconut oil in it along with
    other great oils! simplehairnbeauty

  • upma Dhingra 3 years ago

    I thot this was a video fr having shiny hair n not a blow dry tut..!

  • YoshiandAGlovrstudio 3 years ago

    O-O my parents saw me! :,( and I’m grounded!

  • Farhat Fatima 3 years ago

    great Thanks for sharing girl…. u are beautiful and i love this method i
    will surely use these tips…. 😀 

  • rhinestonedust 3 years ago

    yes! keep changing the way you part your hair 🙂 I started doing that and
    it made the biggest difference :D

  • Maria Khan 3 years ago

    Ur english is so good wooo….

  • Alzara Yaseen 3 years ago

    I always watched this even before I had my account! 🙂

  • Indu Kala Sharma 3 years ago

    Nice and helpful

  • RedRoseDeborah 3 years ago

    Sorry but it’s very difficult to understand what you say

  • Eileen Fritzwalked 3 years ago

    I have to admit, I was positively surprised by your tips. My hair is about
    1 meter long and straight. I dislike putting any products on (only shampoo)
    nor do I dye it, so these tips were really helpful and good to know! Thank
    On a side note, I have read some of these comments and was not surprised.
    Just simple people being simple people. It is silly. I am not even English
    and I understand her perfectly. Take this as a friendly advice, and rethink
    – it might be you who has the ‘English problems’ not her.

  • Ami Talsania 3 years ago

    Hi SuperPrincessJo, I have bold spots on my scalp and my hair is very thin
    can u please help and give me tips on hair growth and for my bold spots on
    scalp please?

  • Ebube Ezeobi 3 years ago

    Wonderful tutorial very helpful

  • Rhea rules 3 years ago

    Lub ur vids

  • Susan O 3 years ago

    Thank you for this video. I have extremely long hair- waistline length- and
    have physical health problems that make styling my hair difficult. This
    video shows me an easier way to blowdry my hair and I will try this next
    time! Thank you. I hope to see more hairstyling videos!! :)

  • Mahee Chowdary 3 years ago

    May I know what is your your hair cut style

  • Jyoti Sarma 3 years ago

    very informative video, thanks for the tips. I heard that hair drier is not
    good for hair becoz drying hair natural way is good,is it true? pls

  • neha kujur 3 years ago

    Great video…I’ve been using this trick to dry my hair. .but instead of
    using a hairdryer, I use a standing fan…the reason is dat it doesn’t
    throw up hot air.. instead its cool..and my hair feels so naturally dried
    up. People who are afraid to use a hairdryer like me can try this.

  • Suganniya Shabari Shan 3 years ago

    SuperPrincessjo please give me remedy to prevent oily scalp and hair. 

  • Jenny Smith 3 years ago

    Excellent tips!! I cant wait to wash my hair & try this. My hair is fuzzy
    where i part it from breakage, probly caused by having the same part too
    long. Thank u so much!!

  • Aditi Krishnan 3 years ago

    This is soooo scripted 

  • Vinutha Gg 3 years ago

    nice yaar good helpful

  • Kiran Gajare 3 years ago

    m having hairfall problem.. nd my hair is so thin…m worried … suggest a
    remedy for that.. plz mam…… 

  • Namilea LOTI 3 years ago

    I noticed someone in the comments “Averhell”, said “i am now officially
    not proud of being an Indian..i wonder how most of u adults cant speak
    english well”.

    What a horrible thing to say, obviously English is your second language and
    it sounds good to me, I can understand you completely. To be honest, I know
    some people that were born and raised speaking English and still can’t
    speak properly. So for it being your second language, it sounds pretty
    good. If I tried to learn your language I would have an accent too. Your
    English is fine, you just have an accent, but ANY adult learning a language
    will have an accent. Don’t listen to people like her, your voice sounds
    beautiful, and your English is just fine. Great tutorial tysm!

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