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  • qeti alexa 3 years ago

    i don’t want to build muscle! is there a risk that i will build it ?

  • Emily Kruse 3 years ago

    Had anyone seen results doing this?? And if so for how long??

  • Wiktoria Kwapisz 3 years ago

    okey, have anyone ever tried these exercises? i want to lose my weight, and
    get smaller thights. i dont want muscles to be on the fat’s place. i want
    to have much smaller thights, is it possible with these exercises? what
    about series, ect?
    thanks :)

  • Kenneth Lee 3 years ago

    doing it everyday or how many times a week??

  • Megan Jones 3 years ago

    This seems like more of a butt workout then a leg workout to me

  • Marivec Lagrada Pablo 3 years ago

    i’ve been doing this for 2 weeks and weeeeeeeeeeheeey it feels great…

  • Xiah Duong 3 years ago

    How many time should i do these exercise a day? 

  • Jennifer Peters 3 years ago

    Be happy the way you are make who you are.

  • mara smithson 3 years ago

    What training period of this would make sense to train your thighs best ?
    Have you got another combination vid to this ?
    THX a lot :)

  • Zelda Clark 3 years ago

    Inner thighs? what work out can you do for those?

  • Isha Miglani 3 years ago

    Love this workout <3

  • Ky Law 3 years ago

    Really? No stretching after the exercise??

  • How to get rid of cellulite fast 3 years ago

    I am really happy I found your video

  • Anastasia y 3 years ago

    I felt no burn too! I think I know why… We just need to do more reps)

  • kaikokitosuris 3 years ago

    Will it slim the legs, or just build the additional muscle? Because I have
    muscle, but really seek to slim the leg (though I’ve lost 5kilos, now
    weighting 56.6kg, but I still wear the same jeans as I was when I was
    weighting ~62kg, because my hips and thighs almost didn’t slim at all.)

  • Priscilla Mccquain 3 years ago

    woah girl I loved it

  • PrettyHana 3 years ago

    I know that to get healthy you have to build muscle and stuff, but i want
    to lose weight and fat without building muscle in its place. What should i
    do? And does this video build muscle or will it slim down my legs?

  • Lian Wang 3 years ago

    Wow, I’m sweating like a mouse in the rain, haha. Thanks alot.

  • Knorkel pureFabulousness 3 years ago

    These Workouts are not designed to build muscle right ? they’re designed to
    slim the legs right ?

  • Sharon Daniella 3 years ago

    I’m so disappointed that I didn’t do any of them correctly . I felt no burn
    what so ever. :(

  • Shakester71 3 years ago

    That body with that accent. So sexy

  • Laksh Rampal 3 years ago

    she talks like Cara Delevigne! 😀 I really liked it! Just what I was
    looking for!:)

  • AtemusQueen234 3 years ago

    Will these work outs target saddle bags and inner thigh buldge??

  • Lata Selami 3 years ago

    Hhahah I did this and I can’t walk now too!! Shiitt I havee too walkk, noo

  • Amaryn Kary 3 years ago

    I’m sweating like I forget my umbrella in heavy rain! I don’t feel tired
    but I can feel it’s working! Thank you!

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