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  • Andrea Patane 3 years ago

    Why not? Is she OK?

  • Andrea Patane 3 years ago

    Where are mud or clay masks sold?

  • Kyle Mai 3 years ago

    ..curse my dirty mind

  • SherlockWhovian 3 years ago

    If you use a towel to dab your face, the bacteria on it will cause
    breakouts when you wash your face again. Trust me, this happened to me…

  • getready2014 3 years ago

    @TaoMaoGr lol

  • jewie27 3 years ago

    fap fap fap until you spray

  • msxobeautyxo 3 years ago

    you can make one by either getting honey and adding sugar. or getting some
    sugar in your cream cleanser or natural moisturizer (and washing it off)

  • Not Close To Normal 3 years ago

    me and my cousins used to put the cucumbers my grandma gave us on our eyes
    but she said no so we did in the basement and she caught us so now she cuts
    the cucumbers into long, skinny squares xD

  • Andrea Patane 3 years ago

    I’m very glad to hear that. Why does she need a facial?

  • parawhore239 3 years ago

    ice cold water? noeewww

  • Fazzy51 3 years ago

    i thought they were gonna jizz on themselves.

  • XxxXJessXxxXilysm 3 years ago

    @PinkBlushing dont forget geeta

  • CoconutCreamCat 3 years ago

    shes still wearing make up after shes meant to remove it

  • amos lakra 3 years ago

    nice tips

  • ohbabycakes123 3 years ago

    ahah the bottle feel when she put her face over the towel :p

  • Jameela Muhammad 3 years ago

    how come everytime i watch these howtocast videos everybodyalways disagrees
    with them and makes fun of them like wtf

  • Rayum94 3 years ago

    I just did it it feels refresh and clean

  • LivvyGrl 3 years ago

    That model is gorgeous!!

  • smileleena 3 years ago

    That women cant even move in that top!

  • devilsknight85 3 years ago

    Anyone with a dirty mind, you know what i mean

  • Bloombaby99 3 years ago

    Shut up, Andrea.

  • Andrea Patane 3 years ago

    I only go the facial spas for these procedures. I won’t do it at home. I’m
    NOT going to tell you the name and it’s location.

  • Young Bone 3 years ago

    The title is a bit weird…

  • Geoffrey111995's HD Productions 3 years ago

    *Sees title*… “HA! GAYYY!”

  • melvina mitchell 3 years ago

    maybe ill try it when I older

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