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  • b3VakaB3v3rLyMaRsh 3 years ago

    The way he says “Carlie likes every single tropical fruit that even was
    known to man kind and women kind” xD

  • Hulk Smash68 3 years ago

    instead of milk i use the plain greek yogurt 

  • Margaret Pepitone 3 years ago

    i serouisly need a subtitle! so we can takes understood with the community!

  • Lupe Frias 3 years ago

    Hii Brett quick question what is better for girls to drink a protein shake
    before or after a workout?

  • Tim van Duijn 3 years ago

    1:20, you said it wrong. It’s cool gwip

  • Alexandra St-Louis 3 years ago

    Because of that recepy my shake taste so much better ! Thank you soo so so

  • Carol Buchanan 3 years ago

    Hey I was wondering what’s the best powder form supplements for weight
    lose? Also I was wondering if you could do a video on what’s the best food
    to eat for a full day. Thanks!:)

  • Melissa Latchman 3 years ago

    hi brett for the breakfast smoothie do u put both the whey powder and the
    breakfast essentials? 

  • janialis rosario 3 years ago

    I love the fact that you actually show how to do it unlike everybody else
    that just stands there and talk…

  • funnelcloud9 3 years ago

    what if Im not in workout shap csn i still do this will i gain weight :-(

  • sheffkid2008 3 years ago

    Whey isolate = healthy? It’s full of chemical you dumb shit

  • notlynette 3 years ago

    Hey Brett! I love bother yours & Carli’s channel so much but quick
    question. With the breakfast essentials do you add in the powders as well?
    I’m sort of new to the whole making protein shakes thing but I really want
    to try this out. Thank you!

  • Tessa Owens 3 years ago

    thanks for all your great videos brett!! 🙂 I’m sure you’re really busy so
    I really appreciate the extra time you take to make all these awesome vids.

  • FanyBeauty25 3 years ago

    I absolutely love how you mention Carli in your videos every now and then,
    but you still stand as your own person. Youre doing a great job super
    natural and laid back on camera. Great couple.! Carli for beauty and inner
    beauty ,Brett for fitness and health. Love it!

  • Logan Mathis 3 years ago

    Great video. I also have post workout vid up and I talk about the exact
    same things. Always add your protein and carbs 🙂 good job.

  • Stephanie Lee 3 years ago

    You should try going in American ninja warrior 

  • aarti Shrestha 3 years ago

    Have you experienced Better Bawdy Building? (do a google search for it) It
    is a quick and easy way for you to build muscle fast.

  • Ricardo Barrera 3 years ago

    Can you do a video about Ice Baths after a work out . What do they do ? and
    Do they work ?

  • jules b 3 years ago

    looks yummy, incase u dont know.. Reusing plastic cups like that release
    toxins into ur drinks or food. At the bottom on the cup it should have a
    triangle symbol with a 3 in it.. theres also other kinda of symbols that
    are put on plastic tupper wear or bottles. It happens when you reuse them i
    guess.. you can look it up to read more bout . My cousin told me bout this
    when he noticed i use to re-use my water bottles..anyways just thought it
    lettya know incase your still doing it 🙂 lol take care!

  • Easy Cooking 3 years ago

    good 1……..even i have one simple and easy protein recipe on my channel.

  • Conversus 3 years ago

    Wow, I’ve never seen so many girls respond to a video! Kind Regards from

  • yavuz turk 3 years ago

    I use whole milk to get in everything in milk

  • Aleisha Leitch-Diamond 3 years ago

    liked within 3 seconds

  • MelonMan96 3 years ago

    Thought you were wearing make up but it’s just how your eyes look from
    afar… Haha, Nice video :)

  • mikestoneadfjgs 3 years ago

    Wow he is 220 pounds. he must be tall as hell.

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