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  • Esther M 3 years ago

    You’re so cute, love you! Love what you said about smoking, so true!! Who
    wants wrinkles?! 

  • evicaf4e 3 years ago

    name of the song? :)

  • Samanthya Laguerre 3 years ago

    Omg you’re so pretty & great video!

  • Dauragan 3 years ago

    I’ma guy btw… Nor am i gay…

  • rasha al 3 years ago

    Can I use greek vanilla yogurt instead?

  • sofia bellé 3 years ago

    Please can yoy write the ” ingrédient”
    It’s sugar milk and what please( sorry i dont understand english i’m

  • themodifiedbarbie 3 years ago

    Being negative towards smokers doesn’t make you any better js

  • wylette brown 3 years ago

    I have really wonder why my cousin don’t have any reckless and she been
    smoking every since she was 12 years old maybe younger and she is 48 years
    old trust me I have not seen any reckless .but thanks 4 all ur helpful tips
    ps I don’t smoke & I mean all nothing.

  • gilan yasser 3 years ago

    gia nasim,1 pone of milk and 1 pone of sugar and what is the name of oil
    plz ??

  • Film Drugs Co. 3 years ago

    Your eyes are so breath taking

  • DIY GURLY 3 years ago

    Lipsmacker has alchahol in it witch dries em out

  • Melangelle Fatalis 3 years ago

    Basically using yogurt and milk has low levels of lactic acid, giving you a
    very mild “peel” effect. 

  • Michelle Small 3 years ago


  • gee kins 3 years ago

    …Hormones can change it…smoking can change it….coffee- wait what. I
    can’t quit drinking coffee tho

  • NaturallyLusciousTresses 3 years ago

    I was licking my lips when she said do not lick your lips. I thought that
    was quiet funny 

  • Nidhin Sha 3 years ago

    i feel to marry you nd love you very much sincerely 

  • rifa502 3 years ago

    you are so funny

  • boycoh RS 3 years ago

    oh ya but i can give you 100 REASONs why i love you ;)

  • Do you have to do all of these steps or..? 

  • mizuki 3 years ago

    omg! you eat your ceaser salad with the spinach leafs too? everyone always
    thought i was weird for that lol. It also tastes good with italian dressing

  • LiterallyTheJoy 3 years ago

    Is there an alternative to using lemon? I am allergic to oranges, and have
    the potential to become allergic to lemon (my mom has this allergy too),
    and I just really hate lemon.

  • Anastasia Powers 3 years ago

    I LOVE UR SHIRT!! Ur mom is nuts.

  • girl123456789 3 years ago

    ok so basically you’re perfect and i’m sad

  • Adriano Torres 3 years ago


  • Itz Bailey 3 years ago

    Smokin… Depends on what your talking about.. Cannabis takes people on
    spiritual journeys! Cigaret on the other hand horrible for health. 

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