25 Replies to “How to Lighten Dark Lips Naturally”

  1. Thi sha

    Can we use this for our face too ??? and can we leave it over night,
    without washing our lips ? is that ok ?

  2. Umi Love

    You’re absolutely radiant, Kim Kardashion has nothing on you. I could care
    less if I spelled her name wrong!

  3. catrmr8

    I get the impression that when you’re exfoliating your lips it will
    irritate them and even maybe tear them in some parts(it has happened to me
    before), and the lemon juice is going to just make it very very painful.Not
    something I would use on my lips.

  4. Juliette S'emmerde

    OMG just by listening to her i tough that she was 15 then saw her
    face….boom 20 yrs old ! but still is very pretty !

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