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  • Shannon Marie 3 years ago

    Well said ma’am!

  • Ola Amar 3 years ago

    Im a 16 years old virgin and i have dark skin down there.. Like really
    dark. And its making me feel really bad. Im an arab and i dont have that
    dark skin tone.. Is there anything i can do at home to make it lighter? :/

  • Paula Catlover 3 years ago

    I can’t believe SOME women are so stupid.

  • Ann Johnson 3 years ago

    Leave your vaginas alone. Men love the darkness it shines better.

  • Sonialei77 3 years ago

    I am “hispanic”, with Very prominent Spanish features and fair skin. My
    undertone is Pink, and have noticed that my very fair pink areolas have
    darkened with age. So what she says is true, things do change with age and
    although I get her point on Ethnic background, skin color etc. I hate to
    break it to you but not all Hispanic/Latinos are dark skinned although I
    doubt I have to tell you that. Video was very informative. 

  • Nikhat Shaikh 3 years ago

    very detailed info. 

  • lexi bear 3 years ago

    my girlfriend is a british born Pakistani but she’s really fair skinned
    (she looks white) and her vagina is light and pink but mine is dark,thanks
    u helped so much <3

  • razzigirl 3 years ago

    thanks. I’ve been using hydroquinone but now I think I’m gonna stop.

  • Maria Jordan 3 years ago

    Thank you for this video, I am 28 had 3 children in the past 5 years and my
    skin in my private area got much much darker than it used to be

  • Marlene Mejorado 3 years ago

    Thkx for. Explaining. N being honest. Not expecting. Just finance. But real
    on your advice. N sincere. Words

  • Urvashi Tolani 3 years ago

    You are soooo awesome!!! Can you tell about more about how to lighten pubic
    area when you have dark spots….thank you soo much…you are a lovely

  • Lu Cassano 3 years ago

    TY for your video, I have a problem with my skin color (no vitiligo) but I
    have light parts and kind dark in some zones my face is very light my neck
    and my chest but my belly and my bikini area are a lil dark…I have a
    beige or yellow pigment im not pink…and I would like you to help me to
    find a way to match my whole skin up. Please

  • Marwa Kayal 3 years ago

    Honest and professional 

  • Rêve Errance 3 years ago

    I want more videos of this woman, regardless of the topic, I just want to
    listen to her talking eternally, what a great personality, and what a great
    truth she’s revealing!! thumb up, and I will subscribe to this channel.

  • Dineel Sealy 3 years ago

    What’s your email?

  • Nacho 3 years ago

    You. Are. So. Adorable.
    Thank you for being straight forward! Informative.

    I guess if pink or light-coloured private regions is a prized thing, I’m
    lucky! Natural redhead, pinky tink. However I have super sensitive skin, so
    I know when I have kids and as I get older, if I develop darkness I can
    probably never do anything about it.

  • Mrs.Carrasco19 3 years ago

    Im sooooo glad i came across your video! This has lighten up my heart
    sadness. I felt very self concious about my private area being dark but now
    i feel a lil better…although i do wish i could lighten it up a little.
    Thanx for this video. It was very helpful!

  • christianaalexia 3 years ago

    Can i use HEAD hair bleach? or is there a body hair kind of bleach?

  • pangeleta1967 3 years ago

    wow!!! Very informative & a bit sad actually. Really…ppl actually want a
    baboon pink anus & vag???… on another subject, I wonder if your service
    would work to lighten my elbow. Just one is noticeably darker & my knees. I
    am AA caramel/pumpkin colour. Think Gabrielle Union, Queen LaTifah & Nia
    Long skin tones

  • Heba Matpaq 3 years ago

    my problem is that since i was born till i turned 4, my skin was light and
    even close to fair,and i had parts in my body that were pink. then when i
    started going to school my skin was always exposed to sun and i lived in a
    city that had a very hot weather all the time. as i got older, my skin tans
    more and more, and because i always sweat, the skin that has never been
    exposed to sun is so dark. my skin now is between medium and olive skin.
    but since my palms never got tanned, they’re light and a little pink
    specially my fingertips. is it possible to have my old skin back? not just
    my private part, but my whole body? thank you and i really love your

  • Humaira Khatoon 3 years ago

    I don’t know how I came to cross this video;but I love this video!!!!! You
    have talked about the reality and I appreciate your talk. I wish women
    would be proud of their bodies and not diss other women for being proud of
    theirs;but I do believe in saying, “This is who I am and look at me not
    being perfect!”. :)

  • Me*ehno*nhe*nhe~Heyoka~ 3 years ago

    I love how you expressed yourself in full detail. Truth hurts and Honestly
    you are THA BOMB haha :)

  • TributesAndOpinions 3 years ago

    Is there such thing as lightning your nipples?

  • Yurrah Al-Hadi 3 years ago

    I was interested in lightening my vag area, not because of porn, but
    because I have been getting dark spots after shaking. I hate shaving, it
    always itches and leave behind bumps. The worst happened after I tried
    using a hair removal cream. I cried. I guess that happened because it was
    too harsh or because I am allergic. I am a light skinned African American,
    I am not going for the “pink” or “white” look. I just don’t want any more
    bruises! I want to lighten the bruises to my regular skin color. Very
    informative, about how the area darkens. 

  • skincarechannel 3 years ago

    @mariam sayed, you’re welcome to email me at

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