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  • littlejonnyman1 2 years ago

    wow. you need a teabag

  • xMiso12x 2 years ago

    GUY VERSION: -Wash your face with a good soap -ask your gf or wife if you
    can borrow their concealer (if u have the same skin colour) -ask them to
    help u put it on if u dont know how to -add some lip balm (lip balms are
    for both genders so dont go saying “lip balms are for girls only!!”) DONE
    Btw, my brother in college uses concealer because he says “college students
    dont get enough sleep”. He isn’t gay.

  • Some Random Person 2 years ago

    @365zombieman lol

  • Ariana Jahromi 2 years ago

    A washcloth………got that! But why would you put it in a freezer?

  • lula1699 2 years ago

    is she tring to pull her eyelashes off :S

  • TheTrueKir 2 years ago

    @GreenCoaster13 It’s A Meme….Forget it.

  • MrGustaphe 2 years ago

    This is probably great if your problem isn’t lack of time to sleep…

  • mufeed homran 2 years ago

    What about for a man what do we do??!!! Ugghhh

  • Noor Al-Bender 2 years ago

    why would u wanna use mascara on your eyebrows?

  • tiera joy 2 years ago

    Man fuck that i need sleep

  • Isiah Torres 2 years ago

    @lawliman15 thats right pussy you don’t even know what to say

  • Mkmjlv 2 years ago

    You will need: everything yellow yellow to rub all over your face so u look
    like The Simpsons :p they’re everybody’s favorite, ryt!

  • MissFashionistaify 2 years ago

    its this really new thing called…GET A FULL NIGHTS SLEEP DUH THUMBS UP IF

  • Zoran Macakanja 2 years ago

    how the hell i come from fat ppl falling to this shit?

  • InevitableLost 2 years ago

    You aren’t supposed to put concealer over powder bronzer… -_- It always
    goes liquid then powder.

  • lawliman15 2 years ago

    my average is being up for 14h’s and sleeping for 10 h’s. thumbs up if u

  • ashleyboo106 2 years ago

    anyone else think she puts mascara on weird???

  • SethPlanet 2 years ago

    lol @ teabags and basiccaly step 1: be a girl

  • AjDeratina 2 years ago

    i watch this like everyday

  • M. de k. 2 years ago

    I can do this without make up Just Sleep Well

  • sundrop40 2 years ago


  • nunoyobiznis 2 years ago

    @HellGirlie007 let me guess, ur british? cause i’m pretty sure only british
    people say “what’s for pudding” but correct me if i’m wrong 😉 i’m american
    and americans say “what’s for dessert” o3o

  • lula1699 2 years ago

    @millymonz ur to young to wear make up u have to be older like me 😛

  • mrkatrocks 2 years ago

    1. conceler! LOL

  • lawliman15 2 years ago

    @DjCannibis cool story bro

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