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  • Jaeet Arely 3 years ago

    @likeusualable no DO NOT use baking powder that will burn your face this
    mask only works with baking soda you can get it at your local grocer it’s
    not at all that expensive

  • DaBiebz 3 years ago


  • Felicia Serai 3 years ago

    I would call that sodium bicarb water. Too much water added. Too runny

  • Peter Parker 3 years ago

    k steps to a good facial Step 1: Step 2: type it in and learn
    the end 🙂

  • Ellende Chongolola 3 years ago

    i’m second, uhh huh

  • Beāte Karpova 3 years ago

    It really works!

  • drizzywitdabigdizzy 3 years ago

    this is really good if u have acne.

  • 201ERM 3 years ago

    Does this really work? :3

  • alyssa sara 3 years ago


  • HUH?

  • Alpacas rule. 3 years ago

    lol.. thats a very liquified paste” you got there.. i think i wasted 2
    minutes of my life , you could of just said mix baking powder and water,
    put on face.

  • Kimberry 3 years ago

    she kinda distracts me, no face emotion

  • AJ jones 3 years ago

    Do u really have to use “Botled Water”

  • orginallos 3 years ago

    she is coked out of her mind

  • irishagold 3 years ago

    Hm… don’t use acid exfoliates, but use Baking Soda on your face????!

  • SA WI 3 years ago

    how long do you keep it on your face?

  • Aurora Briarrose 3 years ago

    … OOOHHHhhh, she’s talking about popping zits….

  • Paige Reyes 3 years ago

    No wonder she emotionless, she’s a ginger, No Soul!!!!!

  • smileychicaj 3 years ago

    I do this and it didn’t harm my face.

  • ggorl1 3 years ago

    Am I the only one bored as hell listening to her talk? Shheesshh

  • MrReality2121 3 years ago

    This lady seems to be High..just sayin:)

  • 200kesha 3 years ago

    Do a video how to make baking soda

  • angelina garcia 3 years ago

    Lol “before we start I would really want everyone to take a shower…” 

  • xxbeautyloverxx 3 years ago

    200kesha u buy it

  • GamingForFun XP 3 years ago

    Jesus christ my face got burned because of this. OMG im on my bed and im
    not moving my face because it burns soooo bad. My face is super red as if a
    sun burn. Omg i only had it for 10 seconds. My face hurts. Im never trying
    this again. If your gonna try it. Put it on a small spot to see how it
    would effect you. Dont be like me and o ut it on your whole face. Fuck this
    hurts .

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