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  • Masuma Begum 3 years ago

    Never seen this method

    I’ll give it ago 

  • bright day 3 years ago

    Love this video 🙂
    How can you get rid of acne naturally ?

  • Coral TV 3 years ago

    +Himani Wright – thanks for another great video! We absolutely love your
    all natural beauty tips!

  • Ayah_Hijabi_Iraqi_Girl 3 years ago

    Love it!! Can you please do one for side burns too?

  • Best Off Beat 3 years ago

    Does it have to be wholemeal flour? 

  • Amy Locurto 3 years ago

    I just found the fabulous +Himani Wright through Youtube and loving her
    beauty videos. This easy tip for removing facial hair, like that annoying
    peach fuzz on cheeks, amazed me. A must try!

  • Angela Freeman 3 years ago

    So jealous of your skin without makeup.

  • Carah Amelie 3 years ago

    Video share of the week by Himani Wright… Remove facial Hair Naturally!

  • Wonderland 3 years ago

    I’m sorry if you allready answered this question in the video, but does the
    mask remove the hair directly? 🙂 Or is it a mask that you need to use
    together with your normal hair removal method to make the hair stop growing
    as quickly? :)

  • SuperApplejacks13 3 years ago

    have you seen results?
    that’s the real question

  • Amanda Taing 3 years ago

    Does it necessarily have to be wholemeal flour? Can I use rice flour

  • xalleniex 3 years ago

    can I use olive oil instead

  • Rachael W. 3 years ago

    Hey himani! I have dark hair on my cheeks, rather than peach fuzz. Does
    this technique pull the hair off your face? 

  • sweetgypsy276 3 years ago

    Hey himani this looks so good. Will it remove any hair after the first

  • Mimi Damur 3 years ago

    I have very oily and sensitive skin, won’t the coconut oil make my skin
    more oily? :/

  • Tara Swain 3 years ago

    How often do you usually do this? Xx

  • Maja Micevic 3 years ago

    If I don’t have coconut oil, is it ok if I use olive oil? Does it have the
    same effect?

  • Sarah Bolen 3 years ago

    Great Video +Himani Wright! It’s so great to learn more natural
    alternatives each week from you! 

  • Amy Locurto 3 years ago

    This is so cool! I have never heard of this. Thanks for the tip!!

  • AllNatural28 3 years ago

    Wow Himani those are some really helpful tips! I’ll definitely give this a
    shot :)

  • Carah Amelie 3 years ago

    Love this video! Very interesting!! 😀 

  • Kin Community 3 years ago

    You requested, @himaniwright answered! Remove facial hair naturally from
    home with these tips from the beauty guru

  • Himani Wright 3 years ago

    @Getha isfab 🙁 Was it the hair removal cream, hun? I’ve just done a video
    that’ll help a lot- DIY SKIN CARE: How to get rid of UNEVEN SKIN TONE,
    WRINKLES, ACNE naturally at home | Fresh Friday

    Also, try following up with AWE Cosmeceuticals Lightening Serum as well.
    It’s great for discolorations, uneven skin tone, scars, sun spots, age
    spots and so many other things.
    I really hope that helps, Getha!!! xoxo

  • Himani Wright 3 years ago

    Thanks for your OVERWHELMING LOVE for this video, my gorgeous friends! I’ve
    listened to you, and I’ll do the video on eyebrows and upper lips. However
    it would be after a couple of videos as there are more other requested
    videos by YOU! 🙂 <3 So, make you you are following me on my Facebook,
    Twitter or Instagram @HimaniWright because it'll keep you updated on which
    videos I'll be uploading! Lots of hugs and love!

  • Himani Wright 3 years ago

    I listened to you guys, and the Part 2 video is now live on my channel- (Eyebrow Shaping using Threading, Tweezing, &
    Painless way)
    Thanks so much for such amazing comments, my lovelies! Lots of love <3

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