26 Replies to “How to Straighten Curly Hair & Maintain It”

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  2. sunnyfacepalm kixxs

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I have hair almost exactly like yours and
    I’ve always been afraid that I wouldn’t be able to straighten my hair
    because it was so curly, but seeing you do it has really boosted my
    confidence to try this! so thank you!

  3. Christabel xo

    U girls should try the Remington Straightener, it has features such as
    moisturizing and conditioning your hair while u straighten it as normal
    hair iron is terrible for the hair due to the immerse heat 

  4. Laynie Duplantis

    My hair is almost exactly like yours, except my bangs are a lot shorter, so
    I’m extremely glad I found a tutorial that can actually help me. Thank you

  5. Alexandra Behr

    My hair is just like yours when I don’t straighten it. Love the video!
    You’re sooooo pretty. 

  6. kristin nicole

    So if you use to much product before you straighten it, can that cause your
    hair not to stay straight as long??

  7. ItsYashpreet

    I recently got my hair permanently straightened for a year and the stylist
    said I could wash my hair after 2 days so today’s the fourth day and my
    hair looks horrible after washing it! It’s all frizzy and I don’t know
    What to do, I’m tried straightening it it’s been 2 hours my hairs really
    stressing me out

  8. Kaitlyn Ennis

    I have had super curly hair all my life and have struggled with it forever.
    You have helped me sooooo much! We have almost the exact same hair type and
    texture and you’re tips and advice have made such a difference!! New
    subscriber here 🙂 Thank you!

  9. melina shafiei

    Do you have any tips or any products for me to use to thin my hair cause My
    hair is way to thick and it’s really hard to brush,style and like anything

  10. SimplyKris Luces

    I’m am going to straighten my hair like the famous soccer star Neymar.I
    just want some tips.I’m going to the Salon and get my hair relaxed and
    straighten but after i get this hairstyle..how do i maintain it so that it
    can look great everytime? like can i wet it? Do i have to relax it every
    month? Could i just use a flat iron? cause i really don’t wanna flat iron
    it every single day i’m already busy!! Help!!

  11. TheBowches

    DONT USE THESE HAIR STRAIGHTNER BULLSHIT. Its caused me serious health
    issues and serious permanent hair loss. People pay alot of money to
    actually regrow lost hair. DONT DO IT.
    Take this advice, its a business and the companies dont tell you the damage
    it does because of the money they gain from selling this cursed things.
    Leave your hair natural, think of what will happen when you get older, you
    will get serious hair loss.

  12. Lance Lukose

    Are you related to Courtney from “Married at First Sight?” You look a lot
    like her accept a brunette 

  13. tatsuyasensei

    With your Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle, do you use it in place of your
    normal conditioner. or do you just use the Aussie? And how often do you use
    the Aussie? Thanx for the tips!

  14. Joanna Oxley

    Hey omg i liked your tutorial…And um my hair i wud say is more curls yah
    but i tink you luk so fab wit ur hair straight you luk totally
    diff…thumbs up (y) on dis video…New subscriber =D jiji

  15. azdacksfanof27

    Is that a beagle I see chilling on your bed?? My bed is my beagles most
    favorite place. Thanks for the tips. 

  16. D Colville

    I find if I leave my hair straight without washing it for any longer then 2
    days it starts to smell and just look gross.. Any tips on how to lessen

  17. Jahzwah C.M.F

    Any one else’s mom freak out when you want to striaghten your hair? Or is
    it just mine? My mom gets worried I wont like it, but I love straight hair
    and I’ve straightened my hair before and loved it.

  18. Karissa Weber

    i have insanely curly hair and my hair takes about 1-3 hours to straighten.
    any tips on how to straighten it faster?

  19. Voldrice

    what makes your hair not frizzy after you straighten it? cuz when i use a
    flat iron its not shiny like yours and its frizzy toward the roots and
    really nappy at the ends. how do you keep it shiny and smooth?

  20. Jessica Smith

    My hair is pretty much like yours, only a little thicker and curlier.. It
    takes me an hour to straighten my hair which I HAVE to do always.. But with
    this technique how long does it take you?

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