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  • Waterlily716 3 years ago

    Your curls look great here! 🙂 also lots of good tips :)

  • Bluumoons 3 years ago


  • Negin m 3 years ago

    we have the same curls :D

  • CurlyPenny 3 years ago

    Hey! I was curious if you could stop by my channel and give me some
    feedback on what you think about my videos, theyre all about natural curly
    hair btw, Thank you lots!

  • RACHEL ROSE 3 years ago

    I went and bought the nuance shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, and
    really like it. So thank you !

  • seachelleskywoman 3 years ago

    I wish I could do sulfate free but I have to use head and shoulders.
    Within three to four days of not using the H&S I start to notice my
    seborich dermatitis flaring :(

  • BreakfastBeautywithTiffany 3 years ago

    thank u for the tips!!!! xoxo

  • southpawjlc 3 years ago

    I am a curly hair girl myself. While it is not super tight I do like to
    straighten it once in a while for something different. Super helpful video
    hun. Thank you… Also your doggy in the background sleeping on your bed is
    totally precious :))

  • bernaj03 3 years ago

    Nuance leave in conditioner has alcohol dena second ingredients, I wonder
    if dries out ur hair. N which one is better loreal ever curl cream gel or
    nuance curl cream? My hair is type 2C. Your video is always great, very
    informative:) n u look great with or without make up.

  • Wendy Ledezma 3 years ago

    I have the same kind of curly hair!! Greetings from México! :* 

  • itstinatime 3 years ago

    I absolutely LOVE your hair! 

  • Alarya Seniga 3 years ago

    I have shorter hair but I still have the curls and I have no ideas on how
    to do my hair so I spray water in it, brush it out, then put it up and that
    is my hairstyle everyday. I seriously hated my hair so I straightened it
    just about everyday for a month then went back to curly ponytail so I could
    use a lot if help and a lot more tips. Please help! 

  • Mama Row 3 years ago

    love your hair!!! you’re beautiful! 

  • brmir1527 3 years ago

    my curls were just like yours but got damaged from heat. i miss my curly
    hair so much :(

  • CiaraAngelyn 3 years ago

    This is so informative! Seriously. I have so many straight/frizzy pieces,
    and now I know why. I’ve been totally doing so man things wrong lol. Thank
    you so much for this!

  • Mama Row 3 years ago

    i have curly hair too, i usually only ever finger comb my hair. i rarely
    brush it and never use heat. my daughter has curly hair and she has
    despised her curls up until this year. she’s finally getting the idea that
    ripping a brush though her hair is what’s wrecking the look of her hair.
    we curly hair girls cant do that the way straight hair girls can just
    brush through their sleek straight hair. 

  • ItsNicole 3 years ago

    What exactly is your cut? I have hair like yours. Mine is super thick and I
    can never do anything with it. I’m in love with your style

  • jessica ceja 3 years ago

    This was so helpful! thanks Gena!

  • Claire Hill 3 years ago

    Brilliant video with some fab tips! I have a tip…….! When you’re done
    blow drying your hair tip your head upside down and gently rub the top of
    your scalp with your fingertips. This gives good volume to your roots when
    you flick your head back up! I also like to diffuse with my head upside
    down for a bit more root volume too. Hope that helps someone!

  • beehuntress 3 years ago

    Thanks for posting how you do your hair! I have the same curl type and
    texture so I am definitely going to try these products! 

  • Applejack Lightsey 3 years ago

    Been waiting for this video! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to try the
    Nuance brand after my EverCurl runs out. I’m also going to try waiting to
    let my hair air dry a while before blow drying. I normally shampoo and
    condition my hair about every three days. Do you notice a big difference
    doing it your way?

  • Thais Gomez 3 years ago

    Thanks for your videos. After watching this I have decided to start using
    again my curly hair, no more straightener treatments! It will take some
    time to have my natural curls but I’m motivated now to have them. I would
    like to know how do you sleep with your curls? Do you pineapple your hair?
    Or just leave normal and apply some product in the morning? Thanks again.

  • Christina Swan 3 years ago

    This is only my second day using a sulfate free shampoo and stopping my
    straightening routine. Did you notice that it took a bit for your curls to
    develop after you started using the sulfate free shampoos? I’m also having
    A LOT of frizz while it is drying… any tips? I’m using the leave-in
    conditioner and Evercurl cream/gel right now but didn’t use a curl cream.
    Will using the cream help with frizz too?

  • pining4mi 3 years ago

    Those nuance products all have silicones…so they wouldnt strictly follow
    the cg method. Your hair looks nice but you may get some build up 🙂 

  • Emma Feeks 3 years ago

    do u brush your hair after its dry?

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