This has been requested so much by you guys! I know this stuff is awesome because I once had traction alopecia as well at the back of my head from tying my h… Related


  • Dagmara K 2 years ago

    What’s the title of this awesome song?

  • Lakshmi Prasanna 2 years ago

    can i store the ginger paste?r u sure there wil b no hair loss

  • cac123ish 2 years ago

    I think you’d look better bald faradhukai

  • peter frampton 2 years ago

    you look ridiculous putting that stuff in your hair.

  • Michelle Carbonell 2 years ago

    in how much time can u expect to start seeing results? 

  • LagosNecee 2 years ago

    I have garlic essential oil, I wonder will his work the same? And if so
    what would be the ratio for a mix

  • rtstvnsn 2 years ago

    WHY don’t YOU use a live hair model who actually is suffering from baldness
    and or balding spots, That way WE your audience would be convinced by
    seeing the new hair growth, It will give YOU creditability .. Because YOU
    HAVE GORGOUS THICK HAIR and you are NOT losing ANY hair,

  • Vanessa Martinez 2 years ago

    DID ANYONE TRY THIS????Did it work????

  • Jessica O. 2 years ago

    I’ve researched that onion and garlic is great for hair growth. Can I mix
    the onion, garlic and ginger to make a more potent hair mask? Please reply.
    I have bald spots on my temples, a thinning hairline and shedding. I NEED
    HELP. I cut my hair very low so I can stop pulling my hair back. PLEASE

  • Sumithra Dolly 2 years ago

    How long to keep??? Pls. Do reply dear…. 

  • rajiv nanglu 2 years ago

    u have a great pesonality

  • Jennifer Colabucci 2 years ago

    Doing this tonight

  • EmmaLight1 2 years ago

    Can you just pour all of the mixture on your head and then massage in with
    your fingers??? or do you have to use the brush??? xxx

  • waffahw foofa 2 years ago

    I had bald spot. help me! huhu

  • Shan Hoq 2 years ago

    Idk if I’m crazy but I feel like I can smell the ginger lol through my

  • elianne2006 2 years ago

    hi can i do it 2 times in the week??

  • Fat Jan 2 years ago

    How long do you keep this on your scalp before you wash it off?

  • Tibor Sajdák 2 years ago

    you have thick hair i think you dont need this

  • Duha Alkhuzaiee 2 years ago

    can I use oil instead of water when blending?

  • RiRi Ray 2 years ago

    your hair is so gorgeous are those extensions??

  • steph b 2 years ago

    Thinning hair, hair loss? That’s a full, healthy head of hair?! Wawa, you
    should see mine in the plughole!0:)

  • Julie Winters 2 years ago

    Hey! How often do you do this? And for how long?

  • Lori Favela 2 years ago

    Does this work anyone??

  • Kat eats Babies 2 years ago

    I have tried this before . 🙂 I did this 2 times a week for 3 months && my
    hair grew about 2 and a half inches . But I was also using some pills to
    help my hair grow called hair skin and nails . 

  • I hate to burst your bubble… so i won’t. Also, you’re beautiful.

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