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  • T0T91 3 years ago

    thanks! i love your videos, keep them coming! 😀

  • Mary Jacobs 3 years ago

    I found that an effective shampoo for hair growth was Pro Naturals Moroccan
    Argan Oil Shampoo that I got online (, it makes my hair very
    strong and shiny so it doesn’t fall out as easily as before. I’m starting
    to use it on my daughter too, her hair was starting to fall out but this
    seems to be working for her too 🙂

  • dailixia 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for all of your useful information!

  • MsPoopertrooper 3 years ago

    @zidizadaze Slather your braincase in yogurt. <3

  • Rusten Kniv 3 years ago

    It’s pure fraudulence

  • carsleyladiessociety 3 years ago

    Great advice, but I am so curious about what you look like. Can you please
    do a natural cure for stretch marks? Thanks

  • Kiba Fox 3 years ago

    You spreading the word for a new hairloss treatment? I’ve seen your
    arganrain products comments on all hair loss related videos.

  • AquariusLovers 3 years ago

    Why can you leave the oils in your hair without washing??

  • Quick Question,,,Using these oils, would they slow/stop the hair loss or
    would it also help grow the hair (area that is most affected by the hair
    loss..)? Please and thankyou

  • SlashLurkerX3 3 years ago

    Does this also work to make hair thicker? I have really thin and damaged
    hair… 🙁

  • HairRegrowthForums 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tips.

  • For Fame 3 years ago

    I saw your face and also notice you move your hands frequently when
    talking. LOL.

  • denhamml 3 years ago

    Hey do you happen to know any secrets for thickening hair? I know part of
    it is preventing hair loss but I want to thicken the hair that has already
    grown out 🙂 thanks!!! (I was the same one who asked for a bath recipe 😀 )

  • wmswanja 3 years ago

    are u trying to promote?or is it really works?i have a really bad hair fall
    because of my scalp

  • leran18 3 years ago

    will you plz do a skin care vid??<3

  • Taran Benipal 3 years ago

    Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil, Shampoo & Capules is purely based on safe &
    harmless ayurvedic theory and Specifically used for deep nourishment of
    hair roots & scalp, checks loss of hair, stops premature of hair, Alopecia,
    Baldness, prevents from dandruff, sleeplessness & headache.It is the best
    .for more information you may visit

  • loren jk 3 years ago

    > Stops hair loss by blocking DHT. Supports healthy hair growth.
    > Only Natural and Organic Ingredients.
    > Contains NO Sulfates, NO Parabens, NO Toxins, NO Harsh Chemicals and NO
    harmful side effects.
    > RX 4 Hair Loss Shampoo and Condtioner work together as a “system”
    > Makes hair fuller, stronger and more lush. RESULTS IN AS LITTLE AS 30
    -Testimonial Here

  • GMark keshking 3 years ago

    Definitely friend! Kesh King is a genuine Ayurvedic product, which is No.01
    in India since last 8 years. If you regularly use Kesh King Hair Oil,
    Capsule and Shampoo for 2 months, it will not only arrest your hair fall
    but also ensure the growth of new ones.
    Dr. Juneja’s Kesh King Juhi Chawla Self Experience Video Review
    Dr. Juneja’s Kesh King Juhi Chawla Self Experience Video Review

  • Nancy G. Patterson 3 years ago

    You will be able to re-grow your own hair in a natural way in 6 months,
    without spend tons of money for surgery & costly treatment

  • wanda wilson 3 years ago

    I will try this thank you. I couldn’t hear the first essential oil did you
    say bey essential oil?

  • Komal Patel 3 years ago

    HI..can you make video on all kind essential oils and use of it please..

  • Dolce Cervantes 3 years ago

    I shed alot of hair, when stressed onion works real good u see results 2
    days just put in shampoo or blend and leave it on use everyday

  • Sabitri Dukhi 3 years ago


  • Wesley Archer 3 years ago

    *Stop wasting your money on prescriptions, procedures, and “miracle
    products” that are messy, dangerous, and down-right ineffective STOP HAIR
    LOSS – PERMANENTLY – and re-grow your hair with your own, natural hair
    growth cycle Restore your confidence, your youth and your charisma*

  • FlyingMonkies325 3 years ago

    it’s natural to molt hair, if you don’t molt your hair you can’t grow back
    new hair, it’s the most unhealthy way to have your hair. Your not loosing
    your hair lol when you loose your hair you will know about it and start
    going bald but as young people your hair just molting, my hair does the
    same, i have a full brush of dead hairs within 2 days even with just flat
    kinked up hair, nothing to worry about. Keeping dead hairs in your head
    also causes your hair to tangle, all parts of your body naturally

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