5 simple steps for using hairspray. Hairspray can make the difference between a good and great hairstyle! Check out all my hair tutorials here:… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related





  • Jacob Richmond 3 years ago

    You should get fish spray wax AMAZING

  • David Orchard 3 years ago

    oh my god i love you.

  • Ben C 3 years ago

    great video as always :)

  • John T 3 years ago

    Gosh, you have the perfect kind of hair to get any style you want. 

  • jamel james 3 years ago

    i still love you robin lol !! i’m a big fan of a side quiff so i hope you
    can do i video but with pomade if that possible !!!! 

  • An Elder Lizard 3 years ago

    Informative video, thanks.

  • MRFabulousDuck 3 years ago

    how long is your hair on the top?

  • MrNerdStrike 3 years ago

    Nice hair 

  • Dressday 3 years ago

    Can you do a tutorial on hair straightening with blowdryer a/o with flat

    i know your hair is mostly straight but could you give any known tips? 

  • Zan tube 3 years ago

    Robin could u make a review for the loreal txt range like u did with the
    matt and messy range

  • Akif Khan 3 years ago

    im the best

  • Luke Kramer 3 years ago

    Youre such s character! You need more subs. Dont stop making vids!

  • Thiru SHECKLER 3 years ago

    I take back my words you are good man. 

  • PlanetHype 3 years ago

    Whenever I watch one of ur videos it makes me think of tea (the drink!) And
    also could u do a sort of refreshed quiff tutorial? Thanks

  • Vo Viet Anh 3 years ago

    This vid is so helpful. Thank you

  • Rayhaan Ali 3 years ago

    Keep it up. One day you might become the Zoella of styling

  • michael ho 3 years ago

    I honestly feel you deserve a whole lot more of subscribers Robin. Awesome
    How To. Keep making awesome vids aight! Peace!

  • Darko Doder 3 years ago

    Your videos are always awesome, one question though…why are your ears
    always red? 

  • Phil Jordan 3 years ago

    great advice–appreciate it. fun to watch. now the weird comment. you
    remind me of mick jagger. not in age or looks but just a vibe i get.
    confidence,entertaining, charisma. watch the hand movements. The Rolling
    Stones – Ruby Tuesday (Live) – OFFICIAL

  • Lenny Turner 3 years ago

    thanks robin! love your videos, keep it up!

  • Phil Jordan 3 years ago

    robin. what products did you use before the hairspray?

  • IGarrettI 3 years ago

    Mick jagger?

  • iliasse99 3 years ago

    Nice tan!

  • Robin James 3 years ago
  • Sudden Juma 3 years ago

    Needed a video like this, i use way too much, thankyou!

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