Make sure to put in HD!!! Hi my loves! So this past weekend I was in LA for the International Makeup Artist Tradeshow ! I Apologize again for the blurry vide…


Makeup Tips


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  • Lilly Urdaneta 2 years ago

    Your friend looks like Khloe Kardashian!!

  • StarWarsFran 2 years ago

    Camila is cool! She is Brazilian like me lol

  • Adriana Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Wow you are so pretty and famous!

  • DaMsELsHINe 2 years ago

    Playback error….

  • Stephanie Ibarra 2 years ago

    Love the shoes

  • Alisha Watson 2 years ago

    You looked like katy perry the last day!!

  • Rosalie123 2 years ago

    Where did you get all of your cute dresses!!??? ­čÖé please answer i just
    adore them!!!:):) thanks for sharing your time at imats!;)

  • MegaCeLeStE15 2 years ago

    I could not find the red dress on the website so i┬┤ve just ordered a dress
    that look really similar ,its so beautiful and i┬┤m really obsessed with it!

  • LordessOfTheBlingz 2 years ago

    Its like its the kardashians in the thumb nail

  • Sinead O Sullivan 2 years ago

    perfect, inside and out!x

  • vegi15 2 years ago

    You need to make a tutorial on how you did your hair here, it looks so
    sweet *.*

  • loveslancome 2 years ago

    U live in new jersey. That explains the accent.

  • sheila ramos 2 years ago


  • mysillycutiepie 2 years ago

    OMG. The tall girl next to carli, to her right, at 7:35 reminded me of
    khloe khardashian!!!!! Lol. ;o

  • bobettemak 2 years ago

    what is that song called at 10:43-10:56?

  • Onjelie Linn 2 years ago

    Carli you look sooo much better with a wider pretty much bigger nose´╗┐

  • Gen C 2 years ago

    aww cute video !!
    Loved seeing Nicole.. love her !! Her bf in the background taking pics lol
    so cute <3´╗┐

  • ravioley smith 2 years ago

    In the thumbnail they all look like sisters´╗┐

  • Maria Ashley Demets 2 years ago

    Carli you’re so gorgeous!´╗┐

  • Lydia Flores 2 years ago

    going to IMATS NY 2014 ! hope to see and meet you there´╗┐

  • Maria Ashley Demets 2 years ago

    Carli you’re sooo gorgeous!´╗┐

  • Candace Stanley 2 years ago

    Please stop by Appeal Cosmetics booth 533 at IMATS LA 2014´╗┐

  • tesalewis27 2 years ago

    Its awesome that you and Nicole met up. I totally love her!!´╗┐

  • hattie robinson 2 years ago

    The video wont work for me´╗┐

  • Katelyn Tucker 2 years ago


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