Want lean legs and toned inner thighs? This inner thigh workout is definitely one to try out! Full article here:… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related




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  • Marina Mori 3 years ago

    I have tried so many inner thigh workouts -with and without- personal
    trainers. This workout is working for me. Thank you Katya!! Marina

  • CapriL Arora 3 years ago

    Does it only burns fat or gains muscles too?

  • Winry Heart 3 years ago

    If i do squats will my butt get bigger? Im afraid it’ll get bigger ! :(

  • Laura E 3 years ago

    Oh my god, she’s too skinny, it’s good to do sport, but we’ve got to take
    pleasure when we eat also. 

  • Karen López 3 years ago

    shes so skinny I want her body 

  • Nathalie Lili 3 years ago

    Can i do this routine everyday?

  • Savy Cutie 3 years ago

    People don’t strive for a thigh gap. If you don’t naturally have it trust
    me, you’re the only one tripping and worrying about it. It’s not healthy
    looking, most girls who have them were born with them and that isn’t many.
    I always had a thigh gap and no one has ever complimented them, it’s just a
    whatever thing. Rise your mental self esteem because this will not make you
    feel or look prettier

  • anisha angel 3 years ago

    you can compare my legs to Ariana Grande’s legs in season 1 of victorious.
    I want a thigh gap but how long do I have to do these exersices or how long
    is it going 2 take please answer

  • Ruby Felix 3 years ago

    Thigh gaps extremely and incredibly gross and just really dont look good

  • Mikenna Johnson 3 years ago

    Can you loose a thigh gap? ;P

  • Vitality Advocate 3 years ago

    Katya demonstrates an inner thigh workout for women. 6 exercises to keep
    your legs lean

    and toned. This workout will also tone your quads and hamstrings and help
    burn thigh fat.

  • Blackpool77 3 years ago

    Can I justly say what’s the music track ? It’s buzzing !!

  • Samantha Courley 3 years ago

    thats what i really need !

  • Oona Anniina 3 years ago

    Does this really work?

  • Mari Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Thank you!!!

  • Lara Bu 3 years ago

    Um…how long or how offen to do the last thing???

  • animefan2861 3 years ago

    The Lateral Hops are not too friendly on my ankles. Are there any other
    exercises I can replace that with until my ankles strengthen up a bit?

  • Melvin Jasper 3 years ago

    boys can do this exercise ?

  • Klara KP 3 years ago

    Did somebody tried this out? Does it work???

  • lubov dixon 3 years ago

    I don’t want a bigger butt will this make my ass bigger or will it just
    give me a thigh gap?

  • Kaylee Victoria 3 years ago

    when she does the bridge raises it looks like she’s having sex

  • Gabriella Ryan 3 years ago

    BULLSHIT A thigh gap has to do with your fat and bone structure. 

  • xAltairis 3 years ago

    I can’t do the lateral hops because they really hurt my ankles. What do?

  • Gisselle Jacquez 3 years ago

    THANK YOU!!:) now I have a nice legs!:) thanks for the tips!

  • golden walrus 3 years ago

    Oh, god, I’m on this part of YouTube..
    I just want my knee not to hurt when I run T_T

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