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  • henkonloveyou 3 years ago

    Who blinks so much?

  • heiress aries 3 years ago


  • jose pena 3 years ago

    What concealer did she use

  • Dahlia Lilyan 3 years ago

    Brown girls? The fuck is this shit?

  • Cherry Rosas 3 years ago

    Who wants to look like an over paid ho lol I mean Kardashian.

  • Josselyn Rodriguez 3 years ago

    ahhh the blinking 

  • MzYumYum69 3 years ago

    Doesn’t look like kim and that was wayyy toi much concealer for someone
    without blemishes and uneven skin tone. 

  • StianNorway 3 years ago

    she looks like a clovn..

  • SimpleMeTheza 3 years ago

    what foundation palette was that ?

  • Marie-Josée Nantel 3 years ago

    WTF! Stop playing with the setting of the camera while you film! jesus
    christ this is so annoying the sound, color, lightning kept changing! Jesus
    leave the god damn camera alone! Geezzz…

  • Deaddoll4 3 years ago

    Stop pouting!

  • MsSweetyDeea 3 years ago

    Whats the foundation palette called?

  • RoseTheRiot 3 years ago

    That “makeup artists” foundation is too dark for her face. o_o

  • M MaxwellW 3 years ago

    I’m no makeup artist or anything but the one in this video’s foundation is
    waaay too dark and orangey….plus the pink lipstick….yikes.. But she did
    do an amazing job on the model!

  • recklessmicha 3 years ago

    So many negative comments about the girl getting her makeup done. “She’s so
    annoying.” She’s literally sitting there, not saying a word. You’re dumb
    and jealous. I think the look is actually awesome. Highlighting is okay but
    usually contouring is too much for me. But this look actually looks nice,
    also I like the nude lip. 

  • Grace peterson 3 years ago

    She’s like a fiber bar. Her face is all these different shades of brown

  • Viollette Amaya 3 years ago

    She blinks A LOT. It was kinda distracting me, but you did really nail the

  • JulesQ 3 years ago

    Look how hot this bitch thinks she is. lol

  • Clover Hines 3 years ago

    Blinking a bit too much….brows were wayyy to wonky n too uneven. But the
    overall outcome….*Gorgois.

  • Georgie Rudge 3 years ago

    It is the same girl from ray-j’s music video cuz she’s got the same mole on
    her neck…

  • lala mitchu 3 years ago

    the girl looks so ugly without make up

  • Ayyub Thalieb 3 years ago

    she really look like kim omg good job

  • GRRRCEDES 3 years ago

    Anyone know what Brush she was using for the concealer? 

  • DistantStarfall 3 years ago

    The woman getting her makeup done isn’t the annoying one here. Honestly,
    the annoying one to me is the lady doing the tutorial. She’s saying things
    about how Utban Decay doesn’t work on darker tones. Lady, puh-LEASE tell me
    you’ve been living under a rock, or this might be a problem :/ urban decay
    works great with darker skin tones. It works beautifully, actually. A
    friend of mine uses it all the time and looks beautiful.


  • Daniela Miguéns 3 years ago

    First, I am not very into make up and all that, I use the basic basic
    basic! But can someone tell me WHY does she make the eye make up first?!
    Because it doesn’t look very smart. First, when putting on all that
    fundation and all, we can screw the eye make up and then the powder will
    get all over your mascara and shit… I don’t get it

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