My Friends skin tone is MAC NW45 but as you can see the lights from the make up station make it appear slightly lighter. This was one of the most fun tutoria… Related


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  • blackwidowbd 2 years ago

    da lady talks so much! irritating!

  • Jamillah Perkins 2 years ago

    I have to add my two cent’s to this You do great work but I can’t sit still
    and have you say that this woman is NW45 when she is Not It has nothing to
    do with light’s. I don’t understand how hard it is to find a real women of
    color that you can do makeup on. I notice everytime I look for a good
    makeup artist saying there doing a WOC& BAM NOT!!! Please 1 time please get
    a WOC with some COLOR Please

  • Ameeksha Dilchand 2 years ago

    she has a beautiful smile. no make up needed 🙂

  • SidhucerJ 2 years ago

    It really just depends because I’m half east indian and have been matched
    to NC 42 as well and it doesn’t look right on me either. Mac is a really
    tricky brand when it comes to matching foundations, they have never matched
    me correctly.

  • DebzCM911 2 years ago

    Gorgeous!!! 🙂 I really love this video!

  • Dana Nance 2 years ago

    This is absolutely my favorite video!!!

  • navisoni 2 years ago

    Hi Wayne, I noticed you used a wet sponge applicator to blend out the
    corrector. Does provide a better finish than blending it with your fingers
    or a brush?? Thanks!

  • Lindy Fung 2 years ago

    @PinkPearlphase2 oh really now? watch his more recent videos, the quality
    of the video is way better and it shows that he’s an AMAZING makeup artist.

  • Elisabeth NOYB 2 years ago

    beautiful work sweety. i love to see a male makeup artist every now and
    then. ive learned so much from watching and listening to u through the yrs,
    thank you for everything.

  • Barbara Kimble 2 years ago

    @UrSooperJealous I’ve been looking high and low for bridal makeup examples
    and good ones are hard to find

  • Susie Hale 2 years ago

    @sunshineclassic I so agree with your comments, thank you goss, I am
    learning so much from you, and I am so glad I’ve found someone who has the
    same views on makeup shades as myself. I feel, vindicated 🙂

  • 3moe84 2 years ago

    I’m a NC50 and sometimes NW45 and there is no way she is a NW45 she’s way
    too light to be a NW45 even considering undertones

  • Emma Norman 2 years ago

    best make up artist on you tube 🙂

  • Dutchez YaYa 2 years ago

    i am just starting with my makeup obsession and i like watching your videos
    i think they’re more informative that alot of tutorials on here, but…..i
    have not seen u do 1 video for black women. as i am watching this you say
    she is a woman of color, *smiles* no darling not for those of us that are
    like 5 or 6 shades darker. PLEASE do some make up tutorials for us darker
    skinned women. i am learning from you and need this. please and thanks tee
    from u.s.

  • niaZomba 2 years ago

    she looks amazing, can you do my makeup goss pretty please with sugar on

  • toystory3addict 2 years ago


  • itsniquenique45 2 years ago

    An Asian woman could be considered a woman of color, he stated in the
    beginning that this was for deeper, darker skin tones as compared to
    lighter, paler skin tones. Soooo, you’re wrong, this is actually a woman of
    color with brown skin.

  • laila046 2 years ago

    NW 45 is not her color lol

  • aseelbala 2 years ago

    why is there only one “women of color” video? Pleeeease do mooreee

  • glencoco 2 years ago

    She has like, natural bronze eyeshadow! 😮 good for her man.

  • Edward ProudWhite 2 years ago

    “Diversity” means chasing down the last White person. It’s genocide.

  • Wendy   Thependy 2 years ago

    Loved it. I would really love for you to do more tutorials with womanizer
    of color

  • Gemini Chick 2 years ago

    Could you please do a tutorial of women of color (African decent).

  • Ikoi Hiroe 2 years ago

    Please please do more tutorials with women of color! 

  • deyo james 2 years ago

    heavy on the eyes

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