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  • ObedienceOrSacrifice 3 years ago

    thxs for sharing u r absolutely gorgeous and your skin looks amazing..

  • Alexandra_USA 3 years ago

    some times i just want to get a chip and eat it with my avacado mask lol xD

  • Queen B Sullivan 3 years ago

    I tried this face feels nice and soft

  • salina214 3 years ago

    Will this whiten our face too ?? Haha

  • mary lu 3 years ago

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  • Suumon Kumar 3 years ago

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  • yaneli310 3 years ago

    I tried this & broke out ._.

  • RS Woods 3 years ago

    That girl is so cute !

  • Trinity Jenkins 3 years ago

    This is amazing and everything you were saying is true good job and thank

  • laura sau 3 years ago

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  • Mini-Ladies !! 3 years ago

    #love this

  • Hülya Ellek 3 years ago

    My skin is very dry. I have tried that mask and now my face is perfect!
    Thank you!

  • Mags Barden 3 years ago

    Can it be used everyday

  • Lilly Chandra 3 years ago

    Hey Nefra I really love this facade cuz it has all the easy ingredients I
    would find in my kitchen so many involved honey but I rarely get honey
    thanks Nefra ! :)

  • Dina Star 3 years ago

    My face felt soo clean and soft! (: 

  • Amy Le 3 years ago

    i was wondering, but I heard lemon can damage your skin, burn, and irritate
    it. Can we make the mask without adding the lemon?

  • DoleBite 3 years ago

    When the girl with blonde hair speaks I hear her mouth open..I’m a cat in
    that way

  • prettyoungirl starlyn 3 years ago

    Back 5 years ago i used that with out lemon atleast once a day for 1 week
    and its very effective , everybody in work noticed the difference of my
    face. I wanna do that again now…
    nice to use your hands instead of brush…

  • snugglelicious 3 years ago

    why not just use a blender?

  • Samantha S. 3 years ago

    You are very beautiful 😀 

  • Alex Lex 3 years ago

    your voice! xx

  • Shivasangarry Raju 3 years ago

    She has a sweet voice and a rich complexion. I used avacado on my face,
    arms and legs. Upon application, I saw my legs brighten up almost
    immediately. Once I washed them off with cold water, I felt sooo fresh! My
    arms and legs were so smooth and my face was much brighter. I really
    recommend this for big events and special occasions. 

  • songbytes 3 years ago

    Shes doing it wrong your suppose to eat it but if you want I can eat it off
    your face lol

  • angel trhix 3 years ago

    Your voice is so cute and you’re pretty.. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  • Karen Ramirez 3 years ago

    Looks tasty

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