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  • Stampwousje 3 years ago

    i want hes hair!! 

  • Zaza Alal 3 years ago

    I Like ur hair

  • Christos Vasiliou 3 years ago

    if i had your hair…

  • GameBrosTMT 3 years ago

    Which gel would be the best for the new Ronaldo hairstyle?

  • ULilBagel 3 years ago

    You have a new fan my friend.

  • Andres Morando 3 years ago

    This some shit bro, all i got is american crew.

  • Yspclicks 3 years ago

    You got new subscriber !! I really like your hair it’s really nice but I
    have one question how long does it take to grow that much of hair on top?

  • Jacob MsENSKY 3 years ago

    Does my hair have volume? Cause when i touch it all the hair is up without
    styling the back een if i put it down it stays up 

  • fluffy flufferkins 3 years ago

    Can you please give tips for really thick hair

  • estlin hiller 3 years ago

    Do you get paid by Hanz De Fuko…..? orrrrr are u just really into their

  • monotonous 3 years ago

    hey man, i cant comb my hair back.. it just went really spiky when i
    attampted to do that, do you knwo why is that

  • Prince Charles Dormido 3 years ago

    This video is very helpful. Nice job, Joe!

    Why do guys use hair dryers?

  • WebHeadGabe117 3 years ago

    Question, how long is you hair on the sides in this ?

  • IsItCauseImBlackDoe 3 years ago

    Hey i love your vids and id realllyyy appreciate it if i can get your
    advise on this. i have thick wavy-ish hair and id really like to know if a
    quiff is do able without flat ironing. if not what is the best hair style
    for me?

  • CenouraRalada tictac 3 years ago

    This is the guy!!!!!!! thanks you are the best 

  • amine lattab 3 years ago

    Someone scored a new subscriber :)

  • Lugene G 3 years ago

    I was looking for a hair product that can really hold my hair style im
    using a hair wax right now. Do you know what kinda product is good. Like
    have a good strength hold

  • Tomas Kaniauskas 3 years ago

    Hey man, how can I contact you? I thought that I could send you a pic of me
    and you would suggest me what haircut would suit me in your opinion. I
    don’t want to experiment too much because I don’t want to look like crap if
    it doesn’t go right…

  • David Dietsch 3 years ago

    Last one is my favorite Broseph!

  • MasterBlizzard106 3 years ago

    How long is your hair on top? 

  • EricsMode 3 years ago

    Did you fully dry your hair off for the third look or was it still damp?
    Also was your hand dry before applying the cream?

  • lobniklukas 3 years ago

    Hey Joe, I wonder how tall you are? ;)

  • Shah Rizal 3 years ago

    +BluMaan I wanna ask, after using hair products, do you wash your hair? I
    watched your other video which you suggested not to wash hair everyday. So
    how if I use hair products every day, do I still need to skip one day to
    wash my hair? Thanks

  • Fralaa gwygbki 3 years ago

    Nice video! Do u have thick hair or thin hair? Also, is it possible to go
    from thick hair to thin hair and thins hair to thick hair? Please reply

  • Dre Drexler 3 years ago

    Great video my bro! where’d you get the red hoodie? sickkk

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