25 Replies to “MEN’S HAIR: Big, Messy, Sexy Hairstyle”

  1. JustDoryen

    By any chance do you know what the styles called or what to say to the
    stylist when your getting this cut?

  2. Pavis

    Been looking for a new hairstyle and I think I just found it 😀 Any details
    on the length for top and sides?

  3. Karim Mnaymne

    I have a little bit curly hair and its very thick what should i do!? What
    styles can i do!?

  4. Georgeyc

    This is pretty much my natural hair style all i do is run my hands through
    it once and its just like that 

  5. Josh Howell

    Guys, always use a heat protectant spray, especially with blowdrying.
    Otherwise you’re essentially burning your hair. 

  6. Atiq Sayed

    Hey, gr8 hairstyle!!. Please help me out, I’ve rough and wavy hairs. Is
    there any solution to it? Ur help would be appreciated.

  7. Austin Nale

    Hey man, I was wondering which mousse this is exactly? There are 2 Tresemme
    TRES mousses: “extra-firm control” & “flawless curls extra hold.” I tried a
    mousse by Rusk which acted as a knockoff gel… Also, your blowdryer?

  8. Farhan Ahmed Nayeem

    can u guide me bro am a kid 😛 trying to learn good and bad stuffs for hair
    if u help me it would me great help for me

  9. Niall Joshua Prince

    Where do you bought this shirt ? I love it :-)) Could you please tell me
    how this hairstyle is called ? I’d like to cut my hair like that . Thank
    you : D 

  10. David O

    cute hair! wish i could do that with mine.. mine is just stiff as hell
    doesnt really let me do anything fun ;(

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