A trendy, gravity defying hairstyle w/ beachy curls. LIKE for more Hair Tutorials! Check out my BEACHY WAVES Hair Tutorial: PRODU… Related




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  • Mr.FancyPants1234 2 years ago

    Like the style

  • Suh Malik 2 years ago

    the enthusiasm annoys me.

  • JustDoryen 2 years ago

    By any chance do you know what the styles called or what to say to the
    stylist when your getting this cut?

  • Muhd Shafiq 2 years ago

    What kind of ultra extra glue you used? 

  • Pavis 2 years ago

    Been looking for a new hairstyle and I think I just found it 😀 Any details
    on the length for top and sides?

  • Kung myat Thuta 2 years ago

    I likw this style

  • Karim Mnaymne 2 years ago

    I have a little bit curly hair and its very thick what should i do!? What
    styles can i do!?

  • Georgeyc 2 years ago

    This is pretty much my natural hair style all i do is run my hands through
    it once and its just like that 

  • Joshua Matacale 2 years ago

    Looks best at 1:43…

  • Samrajya Basnet 2 years ago

    hah gayy

  • Josh Howell 2 years ago

    Guys, always use a heat protectant spray, especially with blowdrying.
    Otherwise you’re essentially burning your hair. 

  • Atiq Sayed 2 years ago

    Hey, gr8 hairstyle!!. Please help me out, I’ve rough and wavy hairs. Is
    there any solution to it? Ur help would be appreciated.

  • Austin Nale 2 years ago

    Hey man, I was wondering which mousse this is exactly? There are 2 Tresemme
    TRES mousses: “extra-firm control” & “flawless curls extra hold.” I tried a
    mousse by Rusk which acted as a knockoff gel… Also, your blowdryer?

  • Vincent Hübner 2 years ago

    Anyone know what the perfect lenght for sides and top is for this cut?

  • Farhan Ahmed Nayeem 2 years ago

    can u guide me bro am a kid 😛 trying to learn good and bad stuffs for hair
    if u help me it would me great help for me

  • What would I asked for at a hair dressers?

  • Niall Joshua Prince 2 years ago

    Where do you bought this shirt ? I love it :-)) Could you please tell me
    how this hairstyle is called ? I’d like to cut my hair like that . Thank
    you : D 

  • Israel Machado 2 years ago

    Wow looks like you know your stuff. What is your hair like? Texturewise,
    length, etc.

  • Cassie 2 years ago

    sexiest hair style ever

  • the shroomofdoom 2 years ago

    i want that hair but idk if my face would suit it

  • wooralesARROBA 2 years ago

    u look like hiccup

  • Tizan HD 2 years ago

    Too much hair product!! Maybe this could kill your hair

  • koopz 2 years ago

    Where’s that sweatshirt from?

  • watvid1 2 years ago

    Doesn’t all the product damage hair or something? 

  • David O 2 years ago

    cute hair! wish i could do that with mine.. mine is just stiff as hell
    doesnt really let me do anything fun ;(

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