Men’s Hairstyle – Textured Wavy Updo (Asian Hair) Tutorial

Please leave any questions in the comments below! I know it seems a little tedious, but it should take maximum 10-15 minutes once you get the hang of it. Pro…
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25 Replies to “Men’s Hairstyle – Textured Wavy Updo (Asian Hair) Tutorial”

  1. pnychas

    Hi! I’m glad I stumbled upon your video =) How did you get the color of
    your hair? Did you bleach it?

  2. Candy Balboa

    I was really paying attention and be like “WHAT……. A……. MESS…..”
    I just red that so seriously, it was meant to be a joke! Hahahahahaha

  3. Naruto ToadStyle

    so..let me understand this…asian people with straight hair want wavy hair
    wavy hair people want straight hair
    straight hair people want wavy hair
    O_o I guess when you have had a certain hair style all your life you want
    to change and have different styles but I am so surprise at how many
    products just try to imitate hairs that aren’t straight..I mean to add
    texture and volum..while those who already have that want to get silky flat
    looks ^_^ it’s mind blowing

  4. Systolic120mmHg

    How did you get your hair in that color? Mine turns out fucking orange-red!
    Yours look a lot better! What do you use?

  5. DrFluffyPanda

    What is the name of the song you used? I tried to find it on the website
    you posted, but it didnt work…

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