Visit for my review on this mask. And because you always ask…. Hair: Wash and go using Olive Oil Ecostyler Gel and Aubrey O… Related


  • pinklishdot 3 years ago

    hahahah! i felt she was going to rape me!! but good video

  • melannie0224 3 years ago


  • Manal Said 3 years ago

    I like her voice its calm and relaxing …

  • Teresa Nguyen 3 years ago

    That’s not 2 tablespoons

  • larissa vasquez 3 years ago

    man hate yur voice its so calm

  • Adri7gT 3 years ago

    what the heck is she flirting with me?

  • hfsbarbosa 3 years ago

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  • CurlyLovesFrida 3 years ago

    this is sooo crepy….

  • Isabelle Martinez 3 years ago

    What does this mask do for your skin, i understand that honey does a
    miracle to your skin, but i do not know what the mixture of the milk does
    to your skin.

  • sweetpea2981 3 years ago

    lol 1:20

  • Jenny Ortega 3 years ago

    Your voice is sexual, i love it !

  • Allice Hope 3 years ago

    Your skin looks very pretty

  • Mimi Tay 3 years ago

    cottan pad?

  • Lydia Wylie 3 years ago

    This videos kinda sexual…It scares me.

  • DrawingDisney71 3 years ago

    I love your hair! It’s so curly :3

  • Vanshika Kamboj 3 years ago

    I dont think that this will make a difference in my face

  • sujata patel 3 years ago

    I tried doing the facial mask, but I am not getting results.

  • emerentia jessica 3 years ago

    I want try haha 😀

  • sharan ya 3 years ago

    good one

  • Zoe girlybabe 3 years ago

    This is so easy!!! Thanks!

  • Sana Mustafa 3 years ago

    you have such a serene voice it’s so calming

  • Denise Torres 3 years ago

    It looks like you have make up but its just your natural face..your

  • Kendoll ken 3 years ago

    hair is gorg

  • Audra Bailey 3 years ago

    Milk contains lactic acid which is a natural exfoliator. Honey moisturizes,
    tightens and brightens skin. 

  • Miranda R 3 years ago

    I love your voice! Very soothing 🙂 Great video, I think I’ll try this mask

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