In this video I teach you all about my favourite beauty tricks and tips, including how to get massive eyelashes, perfectly defined brows and a flawless found… Related


  • Isabella Kennedy 3 years ago

    *looks at thumbnail* yes, the Mike Wazowski look is just what I was going

  • Halo Potato 3 years ago

    Ah yes, the flawless mike wizowski look.

  • Jasmine Mercedes 3 years ago

    There was a time in the video where I just stopped listening to what you
    were saying, and got lost at how beautiful you were!

  • ilovemelikeyouall 3 years ago

    Ahhhhh now I get it thank you so much for the eybrow tip!!!!!

  • G. Mack 3 years ago

    If you wear too much mascara it pulls out your eyelashes, which can make
    them look shorter, when you have that much mascara on you have to use some
    force to take off the mascara which can result in pulling them out

  • Makayla D 3 years ago

    Mike wasawski!!

  • Rachael Lawrence 3 years ago

    “Shout out to my mom!” You’re so cute :)

  • 96cmh 3 years ago


  • Jennifer Martinez 3 years ago

    Lauren do you curl your eyelashes cause I’ve never seen you curl them when
    applying mascara. Your eyelashes must be naturally curl, ughh so jealous

  • Laura Morais 3 years ago

    ah, yes. the flawless Mike Wazowski look

  • Veronica V 3 years ago

    How do you avoid looking cakey I look cakey:( lol

  • Sindurah Ethir 3 years ago

    Oh my gos the tumbnail xD

  • Michelle Heinz 3 years ago

    Her face tone and her ears being different colors threw me off a bit..

  • divamariam2217 3 years ago

    how can make it work if my concealer is darker then my foundation ?

  • April K 3 years ago

    She is gorgeous!

  • Easie Lloyd 3 years ago


  • Christy LaGasse 3 years ago

    Thank you for the tips! I was wondering how you keep your mascara from
    leaving little black dots under your eyes? (Especially since your eyelashes
    are so long!) Do you get them, and then clean them off? If so, how would
    you recommend removing them? I find using moisturizer on a q-tip works, but
    it can take off too much of my makeup. A reply would be awesome! Thanks
    again! Christy

  • Emily Jade 3 years ago

    you look so much younger without makeup! You should switch to tinted
    moisturiser instead of foundation, you have great skin! 

  • ForeverYoungUs 3 years ago

    1.I love your eye color and lashes
    2.every time you were saying the word “wiggle”,Jason Deluro’s song was
    coming in my head:P idk why
    3.I wish i had your bottom lashes

  • mae fierros 3 years ago

    I personaly love my women without make up. I like natural beauty a clean
    face is the best specially when waking up in the morning a nice mouturizing
    clear cream and a lip gloss and just call it a day…
    But I have to ssy am just hipnotized by ure eyes. Wooowwww… I dont know
    how I got here but am glad lol.. cheers

  • aleidacastroxo | Makeup 3 years ago

    Great video. I make videos too. I would love for u to check them out. xox 

  • miss me morgan 3 years ago

    i love the way you do your eyelashes

  • Caro B. 3 years ago

    it looks weird to have so light blond hair with so dark brown eyebrows.

  • Lauren Curtis 3 years ago

    NEW VIDEO!!! My fav beauty tricks!

  • ChewyMakeup 3 years ago

    Oh gosh, I forgot how amazing you are, not just the look but you are
    actually fun to watch. Sorry for the late mention but I was so happy to see
    you at IMATS. And thanks for ducking for taking photo for me. XX

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