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  • Sheyla R. 3 years ago

    U look like shreya goshal :0 ! # Really beauty

  • Sherin M 3 years ago

    Thanks for this video! It’s so helpful! Please post your weekly and monthly
    routine too! :)

  • Gemma Dela Cerana 3 years ago

    I want the solution on how to remove my dark spots on my face cz of usiny
    astringent before,,,thank u,,,hope u can help me find the remedy,,,,more
    power to u,,,,,

  • Romi Lal 3 years ago

    you look simply gorgeous in this video!

  • pinki pant 3 years ago

    Shruti you have beautiful skin. I just came across your channel love your

  • Uma Bala 3 years ago

    Have u tried remy laure brightening cleanser , if u could share reviews ?

  • MAHSIN MAHBUB 3 years ago

    In this video the lighting so just perfect. U r just glowing. Tell us more
    about ur facial routine and haircare.

  • manisha sobti 3 years ago

    nice video. can u do a review on clarisonic. 

  • Moshina Khanam 3 years ago

    The cetaphil moisturisr wd spf u used is an importd product wch cnnt b
    found in india n its vry costly da indian cetaphil moisturisure of india z
    vry creamy n sticky cnnt b used dyring day time :(

  • destiny51189 3 years ago

    Simple not bulky and also very informative video, Sruthi I always love your

  • Mathew Dsouza 3 years ago

    you have got lipstick on ur teeth shruti…………
    just wanted to inform u
    btw d video was awesome
    hugs from london

  • shortandstuff 3 years ago

    Great video. Love your hair!!! Very beautiful.

  • aamar khan 3 years ago

    Informative,nice vid, shruti u didn’t answer me yet!!

  • Gurpreet Kaur 3 years ago

    Hi shruti grt video…from where I get cetaphil daily face moisturizer.
    …I m from delhi

  • urmila antharaj 3 years ago

    Helpful shruti thank u . Love u
    Do a husband tag as well?

  • Swathi Gopalan 3 years ago

    Plz do a morning or a night routine would love to see that plz plz 

  • Srinu Vasu 3 years ago

    Nice video madam…

  • Feyza Khan 3 years ago

    You are so beautiful

  • Megha Shashanka 3 years ago

    Looking lovely as usual Shruthi.. Great video. Do you cleanse with
    Clarisonic Mia 2 every night?

  • Akanksha Rajpal 3 years ago

    Hey love ur hair in this video… how did u curl & style this… plz do a
    video on this

  • Husna Asif 3 years ago

    What s your body weight now at present and your height ma’am??????????you
    are just down to earth beautiful videos and updates I have told all my
    30friends to watch all the updates without fail lo’ve ya 

  • preethi Prasad 3 years ago

    baby…u r using all bady products….good…

  • Nj.julie julius 3 years ago

    i have been using neutrogena spf 50+ on my face…it’s been a year..:(

  • palak s 3 years ago

    whr we get mother care milk bath do we get in india

  • Taniapal 3 years ago

    Hmmm another great video

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