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  • ThatgirlonYoutube 3 years ago

    the one thing i love about you is that you ACTUALLY reply to people:) love
    the video!

  • Fozia Begum 3 years ago

    I know you’ve probably heard this alot but you seriously don’t need makeup.
    You’re just so perfect 🙁 xo 

  • emma kelly 3 years ago

    just found your channel and subscribed straight away, youre so beautiful
    and seem so down to earth aswell plus i love your videos, xxxxx

  • Yulianna Pizano 3 years ago

    Youre makeup like lashes and everything reminds me of lauren curtis you
    defenitley dont look like but u sure have the same likeings in makeup
    i think

  • Belinda Mennell 3 years ago

    hey shani,
    I’ve started making youtube videos and would absolutely love it if you
    could possibly check out my channel. Only if you’d like to though. Just
    thought id let you know as i love watching you and your videos and it would
    be awesome if you could maybe check out mine. 🙂
    i loved this tutorial by the way hehe xxx

  • Windytulip fields 3 years ago

    You have this natural, California girl look to you 🙂 beautiful young lady!

  • coconutanddvanilla 3 years ago

    you should also try “face of australia – impac-curl mascara” its my HG <333

  • Bitsy Lynn 3 years ago

    love you shani!!! <333

  • Crystal Vogel 3 years ago

    I know you’re looking for an eye cream and I was too. Since we are about
    the same age and young, we don’t really need all of the fighting wrinkles
    one; you just really want to find one that hydrates under your eyes to keep
    concealer from creasing and help prevent wrinkles in the future. I use
    Chanel hydra radiant eye cream. It I the least expensive out of all the
    Chanel eye creams, and it is definitely worth it because you only need a
    little and I see such a difference! You can always ask for a sample to try
    it out first! xoxo <3

  • Sy Husairi 3 years ago

    Tarte eye brightening cream!

  • Claire Edwards 3 years ago

    Hahaha the fly moments!

  • Ricci Villanueva 3 years ago

    The bobbi brown eye cream, the origins ginzing eye cream or the benefit its
    potent eye cream are amazing xx 

  • Sheridan Hodgetts 3 years ago

    haha “is this real life” so good! x 

  • VannaGurly 3 years ago

    You are gorgeous with and without makeup. I wish that I could look as good
    as you without makeup.

  • letsgetwasted 3 years ago

    beautiful as always!

  • beyonce 3 years ago

    so glad I found your channel!! u r stunning and talented!!

  • Claudine.J 3 years ago

    Did you finally kill the fly? 

  • Katerina Beauty Blog 3 years ago

    Wow your channel has grown so much in the time i’ve been subscribed to you!
    Congratulations Shani, keep up the lovely videos :)

  • kaybeauty12 3 years ago

    Really pretty!

  • Cher Alkrief 3 years ago

    Also, I love the origins and tarte eye cream! The tarte is a bit heavier
    than the origins and the origins has a pink tint so it helps u look more
    awake too :)

  • AlwaysFridayStyle 3 years ago

    Obsessed with your videos! You are so beautiful and your makeup always
    looks flawless! x

  • beautybyderin 3 years ago

    in love with your videos!

  • Caitlyn Lendrum 3 years ago

    youre so stunning and your makeup is always flawless x

  • Émilie Joy 3 years ago

    Your makeup is flawless! I love this look

  • Maite Torres 3 years ago

    I love your eyebrows they are naturally beautiful! I laugh so much at the
    fly part hahaha Your are lovely :)

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