My everyday skincare routine! Thank you for watching guys, love you all 🙂 My tea & cake blog post – Follow my blog – http://www.blogl… A day of fun with Tanya in Norwich Like if you enjoyed and subscribe for more! Tanyas Video: WHERE TO FIND TANYA: … Related




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  • MiaaEquinee 3 years ago

    ‘Tan in the hat, TAN THE HAT’ Omg:’)

  • CrazyOtakuGleek 3 years ago

    Do a colab with marzia :)

  • Princess Leia 3 years ago

    Zoe, would you show us in a video how you’ve been doing your eye makeup
    lately? It looks lovely!

  • Luckybj95Bakupacount 3 years ago

    zoe and her guinea pig is the cutest thing ever and you two are amazing xD 

  • Eliizaaaaa 3 years ago

    i wish i had friends like these guys haha!

  • BbbradiCP 3 years ago

    The ending XD

  • CuteNailPolishArt | Sharmeen 3 years ago

    lool love you guys xx

  • Carly Humbert 3 years ago

    Tanya is soo cute :)

  • jbluv222 3 years ago

    Zoe did you really get 2 of the same type of coat!

  • Kelsey 3 years ago

    what city are they in when they go to town? it looks so lovely and

  • kiffany raterhouse 3 years ago

    you and alfie should should do the boyfriend tag!!!! please????

  • ssshlow 3 years ago

    Wear your seatbelts girls!

  • 2win1nvasion 3 years ago

    what’s up with Zoe’s hair at the end of the vlog? lol I love peppermint tea
    I’m glad you worked out what was bothering your eyes. I tweeted you
    thinking it might have been a face cream or scrub. I can’t use like face
    scrubs for face washing. 

  • ivomad18 3 years ago

    what type of camera is that ?

  • Becca S 3 years ago

    9:30 is early for u!!! 6:00 is early for me

  • Naehh2 3 years ago

    ooo u are both so lovables :)! and hey please someone clarify to me : are
    zoe and alfie couple? ;)

  • Jazzy JazJaz 3 years ago

    I hope Zoe and Marzia would do a collab!!!! With Alfie and Pewds!!!

  • Bernadette Braucher 3 years ago

    Norwich looks fun!

  • teenagebeautyful 3 years ago

    tan your hair has grown so much!!! do you have extensions in??xxxx

  • Amelia Heythere 3 years ago

    I can’t find her coat on zara!! Can anyone link a website that has it or
    tell me the name please!!! I’ve fallen in love with it!

  • Janineebeenie 3 years ago

    Zoe! were did u say ur shoes are from hun? they are adorable!!

  • Mis Kay 3 years ago

    I want to visit England soooo bad! It looks so beautiful and the people
    seem really nice! Everyone here in New York is mean, rude, and have serious
    attitude problems -__- lol

  • TomTxxytu 3 years ago

    you guys are so funny, so nice, and so cool! I’d love to take you all out
    to eat when you come back to New York! 

  • Helen Melonlady 3 years ago

    Norwich my home!!!

  • Katie Baxter 3 years ago

    Tanya plz write a message to me

  • kaitlynbale 3 years ago

    Does anyone else think Tanya’s voice sounds a bit deep in this video? Or is
    it just me?

  • HeyImValarie18 3 years ago

    Is it me or does your voice sound deeper? Not a bad thing! Just sounds a
    little deeper to me, you still look fabulous though =]

  • mentally abrit 3 years ago

    What do u think would work good to get rid of blackheads? 

  • Emily Pearson 3 years ago

    Tanya, did you forget to fill in one of your eyebrows? I couldn’t help but
    notice one looks more filled in than the other haha

  • Katie Rodda 3 years ago

    if you don’t wear make up do you need to cleanse?

  • MiahProductions8 3 years ago

    I know these comments are annoying but please check out my channel and
    maybe sub! I work hard and it takes me hours for videos, i give up alot of
    things for YouTube too! Thanks for your support and I SUBB Back!

  • MissNCx 3 years ago

    I have the Clarins exfoliating toner, and it says on the bottle to use it 1
    – 2 times a week. Its not recommended for use everyday. In between i use
    the Simple soothing toner. :)

  • BeautyByEleanor 3 years ago

    Zoe and tanya sing like boss’s xox

  • Frecklesrsweet 3 years ago

    So excited for your new videos to come out! I have been sick recently and
    watching your vids has been so therapeutic and uplifting! Thanks for
    sharing your beauty regimen. You are just the sweetest soul on youtube!

  • Emily Bland 3 years ago

    I loved this video Tan, so helpful x

  • awomansaffair 3 years ago

    haha 🙂 love this

    watched til the end 🙂 

  • MolsAndBro 3 years ago


  • areliwashere 3 years ago

    Where did Zoe get that guinea pig? My sister would LOVE that for Christmas!
    If anyone could help that’d be awesome!

  • Teresa McCoy 3 years ago

    Zoe and Tanya sing like bosses!!!! Oh, yeah! :-D

  • Mariam Horan 3 years ago

    zoe and tan sing like bosses x

  • Emily Bland 3 years ago

    Zoe and Tanya sing like bosses

  • Rachella 3 years ago

    Zoe and Tanya sing like bosses <3 

  • Freedom4561 3 years ago

    the Clinique Cleansing balm is a makeup remover not a face wash/cleanser

  • Olivia Lewis 3 years ago

    zoe and Tanya sing like bosses!

  • Laura Jane 3 years ago

    I am really interested in the Clinique cleansing balm now….Also I wish i
    needed to use the cupcake mask but it would dry my face out too much 🙁
    another awesome video Tanya.
    P.s. I make beauty, vlog, DIY videos here on youtube. I went to film school
    so making videos is clearly my passion. The support of the lovely people
    who watch Tanya would mean the absolute world to me. I apologize if you
    think this is rude.

  • Tanya Burr 3 years ago
  • Stalfos Conner 3 years ago

    A whore has got to look “representable” to get customers but no worries
    hoes, Tanya Burr will teach you just that!

  • Jim Chapman 3 years ago

    cute bloopies!

  • Tanya Burr 3 years ago

    Guys, I think my voice sounds weird and a bit deeper in this video because
    I have changed cameras and it has a different mic! Don’t worry I’m not
    poorly or sick or anything 🙂 

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