I’m no fitness junkie, but I have been starting to workout & eating healthier to improve my health! THUMBS UP if you enjoyed this video! 50% off your healthy… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


  • lilfriedchick 3 years ago

    ugh what if i hate peppers and salad…seriously no kidding…i HATE most
    of the veggies…esp raw ones…

  • Genesis Pineda 3 years ago

    I wish many of these workouts didn’t involve objects because I don’t want
    to go out and buy all of those things and I don’t want to join a gym just
    to workout :/ Great video though.

  • MissArBell 3 years ago

    is it because you’re getting married soon?:D :D

  • NakedWithoutMyLippy 3 years ago

    I love your videos and this was so cool, but I just feel that your videos
    all have a mini advertisements in them..You have a really toned figure. So
    jealous 😛 

  • Hayley O 3 years ago

    For your squats i think your stance is a little too wide, but other than
    that i love this video! Keep up the great work!! Love you <3

  • Anna O. 3 years ago

    Why do I feel like every video now on YT contains a commercial or product

  • nora b 3 years ago

    for the bicep curl, my trainer told me you can (and in my case SHOULD)
    actually rest your elbows at your hips, so that you only lift with you
    biceps and not your whole arm.

  • Helene T 3 years ago

    it is good, that you eat carbohydrates before workout, as it gives you
    energy, and you obviously don’t need to loose weight, and it is your own
    choice, but I will just like to inform you, that your breakfast is very
    high in sugar, both from the cereal, milk and all the snacks (even though
    it is natural sugar from almonds and maybe the bars, I don’t know that
    brand). If you want to be healthier, maybe eat some greek yougurt with
    fruit, or oatmeal, or omelets or something 🙂 I am sorry if you get
    offended by this, I didn’t mean to offend you 🙂 

  • Lisette Vdb 3 years ago

    what is the song on 2:21 ?

  • thetlc9 3 years ago

    Who eats snacks with cereal … Wtf!!! Another nature box sponsor!! Lol

  • AstridWeien 3 years ago

    These tips are probably really good, but what I don’t like about youtube
    videos like this is that the youtubers forget that we don’t all work at
    home. Most of us don’t have two and half hours to kill before work/school,
    and most of your viewers are young, i.e they don’t buy their own food.
    Obviously, I understand that this being your routine, it’s adapted to your
    everyday life, but i think it still is pretty unachievable for most of us.
    Still a good video, though, I’m not bashing you at all, Weylie 🙂 

  • Claudia 3 years ago

    Great video! I have only one question. What are you doing if you get hungry
    for sweets? 

  • KawaiiPotato 3 years ago

    But today’s #fattuesday lol ilysm

  • AbberZ 3 years ago

    Planned on getting all fit for spring break, all I’ve been doing is
    watching videos like this and eating chocolate. Fml.

  • yummyingo 3 years ago

    no time to workout sadly. :c

  • KyaraJones 3 years ago

    Um just a salad for lunch after all that workout? You are depriving
    yourself in my opinion.

  • iPANDARAWR01 3 years ago

    I ate so well and exercised so much during summer last year but then when
    school started, if all went downhill 🙁 I try getting back on track but
    then my laziness takes over urghhh >:(

  • BalletShark0101 3 years ago

    You are so fit, I am so jealous! I just started working out recently 🙂 

  • nkaujnub tsaab 3 years ago

    This is awesome. Basic but it burns! Totally does! Love how youre not
    affraid of showing how you workout. Usually people be like “you dont need
    to work out” “youre too skinny” “you need to eat!” But the point is to stay
    fit and healthy. I give you props! Awesome job weylie! <3

  • supimdanii 3 years ago

    good basic workouts. also your video editing for this is amazing. 😀 

  • HottiiSkath 3 years ago

    thanks for the video weylie! Just want to say that the editing was really
    great at this video! 😀 keep up the good work!

  • fashionista804 3 years ago

    sho cuteee hunnayyy

  • Gabrielle Doolittle 3 years ago

    I feel like you would be a kick ass work out buddy. 

  • Ann Le {Anneorshine} 3 years ago

    Wooo… look at those legs!!!! You’re such a good cook Weylie! 

  • ilikeweylie 3 years ago

    Thanks so much for all the sweet & helpful comments in this video! I will
    definitely keep all the tips you guys had for me in mind! 

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