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  • nusrat laskar 3 years ago

    you’re really pretty 🙂

  • Suhad52 3 years ago

    Well im 17 but thank you so much for those tips.. They can help . Btw i
    think about this sport stuff you cant help cause i eat lots of snacks and
    also lots of vegiis .. But i like sitting .. So yeah thank you 🙂

  • odiekable 3 years ago

    how old are you?

  • macyd321 3 years ago

    what are you talking about?

  • vlt11808 3 years ago

    Wat kind of lashes do u wearing for everyday?

  • Lacy Harrington 3 years ago

    Im in love with your channel.

  • Lynn Nguyen 3 years ago

    You’re beautiful!

  • clumsymagicgirl 3 years ago

    that is actually so true…as an Indian myself, all of us get threading

  • lara16xox 3 years ago

    your eyelashes look amazing, what mascara r u wearing

  • Jo Weir 3 years ago

    That’s normal! In fact, 3-4 week grow back is reasonably slow so don’t
    worry! =)

  • Aaron Boyum 3 years ago

    @gfi3o bro maybe you don’t believe it but I lost 70+ with this method, the
    link is in the description of my profile, if it works for you, you know how
    to thank me 😉

  • gloglow85 3 years ago

    (sry forlong post) i also do wall sits and listen to music. And i find that
    you don’t really need a gym when you can just do it at home and in your
    neighborhood. Also, its good to get sun while you jog out. Have a friend
    that will run at afterschool with you on fridays, it motivates you and it’s
    more fun ^^ I also do pushups, too. Jogging helps your endurance, for ex, i
    am extremlly prone to heatstroke so i jog with a icy water bottle but
    jogging helps me become stronger against heatstroke. 🙂

  • superbananacookies 3 years ago

    you’re so inspiring and give really good advice. (: thank you.

  • xXxjEsSiExLuVzxXx 3 years ago

    i still use aim LOL

  • Simpledreamer94 3 years ago

    i naturally have no eyebrows :(((

  • TengokuJapanluva 3 years ago

    Wow thanks for the warnings! I was seriously thinking of doing something to
    my eyebrows a while back because I hated them. Now I have bangs so I
    figured I’m not gonna bother with the pain… good thing I watched this
    video anyway >.<''

  • safaira1 3 years ago

    how old are youu?

  • frazadoodl 3 years ago

    none of your videos have been coming through on my feed 🙁

  • Mszjackiechu 3 years ago

    Aww yea, Youtube has been messed up :[

  • scorpz1197 3 years ago

    I just…. I lOvE the way you talk!!!!! <3

  • xXSceneMadeOfSourXx 3 years ago

    ummm you put sunscreen on your foundation??

  • Ferdous Islam 3 years ago

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  • wapaa26 3 years ago

    I wish my mom taught me the importance of sunscreen. Actually, I wish she
    taught me the importance of skincare in general. But she never taught me
    because no one ever taught her, and so on and so on. Sadly when I was
    growing up everyone thought you only really needed to wear sunscreen for
    when you go to the beach or pool, and if you were to wear it any other
    time, you would be probably mocked at.

  • darkangel2366 3 years ago

    The 1k likes 🙂 

  • MIni again 3 years ago

    Do you have to put sunscreen on everywhere you go?

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