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25 Replies to “My Skincare Routine (Dry/Very Dry Skin)!♡ | rpiercemakeup”

  1. LankyLaurasWay

    Brill video, im the same I have really dry skin and find less products the
    better, must try that xen tan stuff, was looking for a new exfoliator!
    hurray! lol 🙂

  2. Rosanna Pierce

    wahoo glad you like it 😀 and definitely try out the moisturiser! I haven’t
    found anybody yet who’s tried it and doesn’t like it! 😀

  3. metandhope

    Hi Hun just wondering did you work in Superdrug in Bury a while back? U
    look familiar n it’s annoying me!!!! Pizza answer! 🙂

  4. Nikita Timmins

    Ah I used to have the balmi when it was a ball and I always put it on my
    keys and it always used to fall out! Can’t tell you the number of times it
    rolled under my car! Lol! Will try some of these products for my dry skin!

  5. APhiGrajah

    I’ll check it the moisturizer. I just started using Cerave hydrating
    cleanser and PM moisturizer the last few weeks and it’s made a huge
    difference for my dry skin. You can find it at a drugstore

  6. Alyssalou38

    I do have dry skin… I’ll have to try this when I get around to getting
    the products haha 🙂

  7. chloejaynexo

    Hey, thank you for the helpful video, just a question, what do you use on a
    morning before applying make up as you didn’t mention a cleanser? I have
    the same skin as you except when ever I try new products it makes me break
    out 🙁 but I’m defiantly going to try that garnier cream! 🙂 x

  8. Rosanna Pierce

    you’ll love it! loads of people have said they bought it and love it too so
    it’s a pretty safe bet 😀 xxx

  9. Rosanna Pierce

    haha I get through them so quick as well! If you cut the top off there’s
    loads you can scrape out but it does dry up so I need to find like a little
    container to put it into to stop it drying up! xx

  10. Emma Elizabeth

    I use that exact moisturiser because of you and it’s completely transformed
    my skin, thank you!

  11. Rosanna Pierce

    This one is amazing! Doesn’t break me out and is like miracle cream! If you
    can’t find it in stores have a look online 🙂

  12. Magdalena Engelhard

    Thank you for the video. It’s amazing to finally see someone with dry skin.
    I’ve very dry skin myself and already ordered the moisturizer and the body
    scrub after your video.

  13. joellie2010


  14. rexana

    Have you tried the L’oreal 15 Second Miracle Oil cleanser? I find that
    works really well. It just dissolves all my make-up and you can use it on
    your eyes as well. It gets rid of all my waterproof mascara in one go. Plus
    as it’s oil based, it’s not drying at all.
    I also like the Micellar Solution. Sometimes I’ll use just that, or if my
    make-up was more on the heavy side I’ll use a bit of that first to get the
    worst off and then use the cleansing oil.

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