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  • Gizelle Butler 3 years ago

    Lovely and thorough! Your skin is looking much healthier and glowing;) I
    had heard over use of the Clarisonic could be a culprit. I use mine at
    night about 4-5 days out of the week. I am thinking about doing a light 20
    or 30% glycolic peeel once a week too. I am also getting ready to purchase
    some new natural skincare Eminence. I have used Thayers for a couple of
    years now! I also use apple cidar vinegar with water as acid toner at
    night. Getting much more into the natural realm since my skin seems to
    react to everything including what I eat. I have exlcuded dairy from my
    diet and believe it to be my worst enemy lol. Thanks for sharing your

  • Ann4U2000 3 years ago

    I bought the Vitamin C on your recommendation and I love it. It absorbs

  • Lisa K Troy 3 years ago

    I can not thank you enough for the Cerave suggestion from you last video.
    OMG it has changed my whole skincare routine for the best. Good find! It
    works better than some very high end lotions. I have found and added
    another level of locking in moisture. It is from Japan and it is called
    Hada Labo Tokyo Anti aging Hydrator. It is deep hydration with “Super”
    Hyaluronic Acid. It is really good for locking in that moisture we need
    when we are in our 50’s! Plus it is affordable.

  • Molly Smith 3 years ago

    Lots and lots of great info, Angie. I will have to save this video to my
    favourites so I can watch it again when I need a good refresher on skincare
    ideas. Your skin looks great and it is because of how diligent you are at
    doing the very best for it.

  • Chrisann Acanfora 3 years ago

    Hey Angie I love cerve I did a review on their eye cream omg I love it and
    it’s in the same price range as their other products their eye cream is
    fabulous!!!! Have a great day 

  • allegra1952 3 years ago

    Great and perfect Angie, as usual. Everybody’s skin react in different
    way. I suffered of acne in my teen ager period, and at that time no such
    treatment. Now days even at 61, my skin is better that before. Clarisonic
    do not break me out…using not everysingle night, but great for my skin.
    During last month I switch using Aha and Tretinoin at night (folllowing
    Paula’s Choice advice), and its fine, great.! Morning with Vitamin C serum
    and mineral sunscreen broad spectrum…and I am fine too. No holiday, no
    sunshine here in Shanghai, that’s good for my skin, not for my
    Mediterranean soul…but I will survive! ahah. Thanks again for sharing!
    Love xoxo, annarosa

  • rediscoveringme50 3 years ago

    Hi Angie, I suffered teenage acne and I really mean suffered. Fortunately
    only 2 of my 4 suffered it also and it was the boys not the girls. I am so
    relieved that I dont suffer it again with change of hormones and only get
    the one pimple pop up very occasionally. Thank you for your explanations
    on the how and the why and your thinking process. This is very much about
    our individual needs and it is up to each of us to take a long think about
    this ourselves and to stop using products when they are ‘not for us’. I
    absolutely adore my clarisonic but have changed its use to only once a day,
    at night, to help with any residual makeup removal. through that cleansing
    process. I think Wayne Goss also mentioned something last year about his
    problems with using the clarisonic so you are not your own. Love your
    makeup look also. I’m finding I much prefer a natural look on myself and
    trying to achieve that, though not very succesfully. xxx Jo

  • volmel55 3 years ago

    Angie, I do not like the Clarisonic. No, I do not like it at all. (Why I’m
    speaking like Dr. Seuss, I don’t know) lol, but I really feel on me it
    moves my muscles around too much. Every time I have tried it, and I have
    tried it several times, it puts wrinkles in my skin I didn’t have before.
    Great video! I really enjoyed it. Love to you, Melissa

  • Elle Is For Living 3 years ago

    I have skin that I could use a brillo pad on but found this very
    interesting. Good video as always Angie. ♥ Elle

  • Mac Read 3 years ago

    You may be able to reintroduce the AHA in a few months. I also found that
    my skin was over sensitive, dry and irritated with all three Retin A, Vit C
    and AHA so I took the AHA out. Over the past few weeks I’ve slowly
    introduced it back into my morning routine, starting off with a very small
    amount of 12% AHA every two days, then every other day and for the past
    couple of days I’ve been using it mixed with my moisturizer every day
    without irritation or flaking. So now I use 12% AHA Glycolic with
    moisturizer followed by my Vit C serum, then sunscreen for the morning and
    Retin A gel .1% mixed with my moisturizer (I have to mix it others I get
    over dry) followed by Vit C in the evening… so far so good!

  • Enrico Francis 3 years ago

    I cannot believe your age! Your skin looks SO youthful and glowing! So
    happy for you that you got it under control..:)

  • HotandFlashy 3 years ago
  • Elle Dfw 3 years ago

    Angie: try the CeraVe Eye Repair Cream! I recently had an eye issue and the
    Rx the eye dr gave me was very drying and irritating to my eyelids! The eye
    dr recommended this to moisturize my eye area and it’s prob better than any
    expensive eye cream I’ve ever used !!! Seriously!!! Thanks for ALL your
    info !
    Elle DFW

  • Cara B 3 years ago

    WOW! Loads of very helpful info (as usual). Thank you so much! I just
    bought a Clarisonic and love it so far, so we’ll see what happens.
    Clarisonic was giving away a free monogram. I went for…are you ready?
    … Mia Dirty Girl! Ok, so maybe it’s just me that thought it was
    funny. Thanks again for all your hard work, I’m looking so old these days
    and you always give me hope!! You’re beautiful xoxo

  • Lori K. 3 years ago

    HI Angie …I have same problem as you…. at 52yrs. I have hormonal acne.
    I had a terrible time when I was a teenager and only cleared up by taking
    birth control pills. Now after two children and menopause, I will not let
    this acne win ! I have tried so many products but I am now using CeraVe to
    wash my face twice a day, use vitamin C serum in morning and tretonion
    .025% at night and moisturize with CeraVe lotion. And it is working. I find
    fewer good gentle products work best. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP. I feel
    so much better because of you ♡

  • Sheila Sanford 3 years ago

    Hi Angie,

    As always great video. I had a small bout of hormonal acne last year, in
    addition to back acne. Talk about having a hard time clearing acne up.
    Back acne was a real challenge for me, but I finally got it cleared up and
    so far it has not come back.

    I do have one question for you. I thought you mentioned in a previous
    video that you were using the 0.10 strength Tretionin. Did you switch to
    the lower strength for the summer?

    Thanks again for another informative video.

  • Maria Li 3 years ago

    Firstly, love you vids! Secondly, I wonder why people are always wary about
    putting their AntiAging products on their eyelids. The eyelids are one of
    the places that show aging the most. I put all my products (AHAs, BHAs, and
    tretinoin) all over my eyelids. Sure, initially there was peeling, but
    after awhile your eyelids get used to it, just like the rest of your face
    does. I’m not challenging your logic, or saying it is wrong, I’m just
    curious as to the reason. Can you please enlighten me?

  • Victoria Smith 3 years ago

    Thanks, Angie, for all the great info you share. As a nurse with lots of
    science in my educational background, I always know you’ve done the
    research….great research. And, as you’ve shared, so often, it becomes our
    own empirical studies to find out what does and doesn’t work so well for
    us. You have guided me into successfully being able to use Retin-A, and to
    some other great products, like CeraVe, and this newer sunscreen by
    Neutrogena. I remember my chemistry professor…from way back when,
    describing Neutrogena products as being chemically sound for use on skin.
    I’d love to find her to see if she still stands behind that claim.
    Personally, I have enjoyed a lot of Neutrogena products, and I love this
    new sunscreen. I liked the CeraVe, but it, like so many others, interfered
    with my foundation. It would ball up, and was so frustrating. So, using
    this new one has made getting ready of the morning so much better. I
    laughed…out loud when you mentioned there being lots of other things that
    can be done in that 15 minute wait for sunscreen to set… I am finding
    that getting ready anymore is more of a workout. I told my husband that
    it’s getting to the point I feel exhausted by the time I am ready to go out
    the door. LOL!! Just to share a note from my experiences with acne…I have
    never had a problem with oily skin, or dry, for that matter (so glad to
    have not inherited my mother’s serious problems with over production of
    oil). I had some hormonal acne in my teens, but never a serious
    problem….until about two years ago….and right before my son’s wedding.
    My skin was actually beginning to get very dry. I had flakes, couldn’t get
    rid ot it…was driving me insane. I was testing a bunch of stuff, making
    my face drier, I think. Finally, I decided I wouldn’t be able to tell what
    was helpful or harmful until I just basically quit it all, and then add
    back one at a time, which is basically what I started doing. I thought I’d
    go all natural, and leave out commercial products. And, by all natural, I
    mean I started making my own washes and treatments with organic products.
    Against every reasonable thought in my brain, all the rationalization, I
    started using oil cleansing. To my surprise, the acne (it was acne
    vulgaris..the scarring kind) vanished. My scars are beginning to fade now,
    and I owe a million thanks to you for the info and experiences you’ve
    shared. I use a vitamin C called RecVerin, a company of chemists. They are
    small, but I do like the product. He claims to have discovered a way to
    stabilize his vitamin C, so that it remains at a high absorption rate for
    a longer shelf-life. Course, what he’s discovered remains secret, but a
    bottle lasts about 3 months in quantity, and no signs of oxidation. I
    think it sells for $25. It seems to work well. My skin was noticeably
    smooth (as in a baby’s butt) after 2-3 days of starting to use it. I use it
    on my face, neck, chest, arms, shoulders, and hands 2 times a day, so the
    tiny bottle goes a long way in that respect. It’s in a glycerin base, so it
    is a bit thicker. I moisten my hands with water and it spreads a long way.
    And, here I go….getting into a whole chapter of a book. Again, thanks for
    all the passion and research you put into the info you share with us. I
    appreciate you. Have a great day!!

  • Perchance have you ever tried the Avon CC cream? It is also SPF 50 like It
    Cosmetics, but much cheaper, so I just wondere

  • flx2525 3 years ago

    I showed your videos to my father and asked him what he thinks how old you
    are. He said 38. 

  • Purr0066 3 years ago

    now that i turned 43 i as well have breakouts..but the only thing that
    seems to work on my skin is benzoyl peroxide..i’m afraid to incorporate it
    with all my other skincare regimens..i dont know when i’m supposed to put
    it it before my vitamin c serum? before my moisturizer? its driving
    me i have been skipping all my anti aging and get nice clear skin
    but am not reaping the benefits of my anti aging stuff..i’m so confused as
    to when i should or shouldnt use it..i’m not very good at what goes on
    your skin first..i know the thinnest consistency of skincare goes on first
    i was like serums first and so on..but what about the benzoyl?

  • Sherry Lynne 3 years ago

    It sounds like the Clarisonic was irritating your skin, which causes more
    breakouts. I’ve struggled with acne since my late teens. When I was 30, the
    dermatologist prescribed a topical antibiotic and benzoyl peroxide, but
    when I was 35 it stopped working. Then I read Paula Begoun’s book and
    discovered that my face was breaking out more due to the soaps and acne
    facial washes, since they were irritating to the skin. Boy, was I mad to
    learn that I was actually paying money to have more acne! I started using
    her cleanser recommendations, and then her BHA in my late 30’s, and it’s
    kept me acne free and I’m 54 now. I also use her cleansers and toners. I
    find the Neutrogena sunscreen doesn’t work well for me – it’s either too
    greasy for my combo skin, or it has fragrance and I’m allergic to it. PC’s
    sunscreens work the best for my skin. I recently bought the Timeless Vit. C
    after watching your video, and I really like it. I think it’s fading a few
    of my age spots, and my skin feels smoother. Thanks for the videos!

  • MsCavalier01 3 years ago

    Hi Angie, Thanks for another excellent video! I, too, found that when I was
    using my Clarisonic, my face was breaking out constantly. I stopped using
    it and it cleared up. Used it again for one night, broke it out again, so I
    know that was the culprit. I’ve heard so many other women say the same
    thing. I don’t know why it happens, but it does, so I think I may give my
    Clarisonic to my daughter. I started using Prosasea, and I stopped breaking
    our altogether! It’s a gel that is available at Walmart and it does within
    30 seconds. This stuff is amazing, and it’s for Rosecea and has been
    keeping my skin crystal clear. Hope you’re having a great week. Hugs,
    Colleen xox :-)

  • mrsskyrob69 3 years ago

    I have had my clarisonic for about two years and it always make my skin
    worse. I stop using it. My skin s better without it.

  • Mrs Gingers Beauty Channel 3 years ago

    Fan bloody tastic video Angie, loved it. I’ve been battling hormonal acne
    since my 20’s and I’m 42 now and still battling. The two things that worked
    for me was, firstly not washing my face at all. The minute I have any kind
    of break out, I use a cleansing water or lotion and don’t wash my face and
    that stops any new spots coming up. The other thing is cyproterone which is
    a medication. I just looked at that Olay serum, I think I’m going to try
    it. Your skin looks amazing. x

  • Kathryn Reilly 3 years ago

    When do you apply sunblock in the routine with serums and moisturizers? I
    would still use it even if the product says it has a sunblock in it?

  • Shelia Chin 3 years ago

    Hi there, I’ve being watching your video of your daily face routine with
    retin A and h@ve a query. I notice in your face routine you do not use any
    face toner. I always thought face toner is important as it prepare the skin
    to absorb the face product better into the skin.

  • Queenmom44 3 years ago

    Hotandflashy you are the queen of skincare for women at really any age but
    help those who are 40s or older. Age is a number but thanks for show us to
    embrace our skin

  • geezloueeze 3 years ago

    What’s PC?

  • Life Is Good 3 years ago

    Hi Angie! So I am taking your advice and I have purchased everything except
    the tretinoin (baby steps

  • Brenda T 3 years ago

    Hi Angie. Thanks for sharing what you do to have such great looking skin.

    In my mid thirties, I developed acne and my skin care doctor gave me the
    same product that you are using to get rid of it. I did have a lot of
    peeling and my face stayed red. I used the 1 instead of the .05. After
    three months, I didn’t have a bump, blackhead or anything on my face. It
    was as smooth as a baby’s butt.

    Over the years, I have used some expensive products on my face. One that
    was great was a serum by Estes Lauder. However, the other products was
    wasted money. For years I have been using the red line of Olay and have
    been very pleased with it. However, months back, I chanted to Roc with
    retinal along with the eye cream I do not feel that it is as good as Olay.
    I also use vitamin c most nights. I love the smooth feel of it.

    One thing that I have always been told is to use the same product line.
    Now, you are suggesting that one can mix them up. This is a relief to
    know as I have some of my other products left over and want to use them.
    Cosmetic companies probably just tell us that to keep us sing all of their

  • C Kendall 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! Have you tried the Cover FX products? They are sold at
    Sephora. They have vitamins C and E in the primer and foundation. My
    daughter uses the powder and loves it! I can’t afford it but, I would love
    to hear your opinion of the product line. They have makeup for every skin

  • cminmd0041 3 years ago

    Have you tried a dermaroller?

  • Jane Vandewiele 3 years ago

    Do you have a list of all the “stuff” you mentioned on this u tube video by

  • molly gray 3 years ago

    your dog is beautiful! what is he/she. looks like a lab but with a little
    thicker hair.

  • Anna Krajacic 3 years ago

    I’ve found something amazing for Anti-Aging. And I’m almost 50! Ask me for
    my before and after pics. :)

  • Nini Sparkle 3 years ago

    l have been applying Vitamin C serum over the top of my Retin A at night is
    that Ok…Can you reccomend a stronger moisturiser. love the Olay, l feel l
    need a stronger moisturiser at times…Do they have moisturisers in
    Cetaphil…..I have Cera V Day Day and Night Creams but hard to get in
    Australia and a little pricey..

  • Jesse'sMom 3 years ago

    Angie, Did you know about the Vitamin C serum from PC? I compared it to a
    lot of different ones and for the money, I chose it. FYI: I am loving it!
    It is currently on sale!

  • Adelle Trotta 3 years ago

    Hi Angie, would you ever try phytoceramides ? I just found this on Dr.Oz

  • Jennifer Scharp 3 years ago

    Thank you, very informative! i am in my mid 40’s and i have always done
    moisturizer since my 20’s but i’m needing more intense treatments now as i
    too had sun exposure when i was young. This helps narrow down what to look
    for in a treatment.

  • Miff L 3 years ago

    WOW you have the best jawline do yo have botox /fillers?

  • Did you say you are 50? May I be honest with you, you do not look it! Very
    informative video and love watching women I can relate to (I am 37) to help
    with preventative measures.

  • thrivesurvive 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing. I use Paula’s Choice. I haven’t found the
    perfect balance of products yet, however. I am considering getting a
    Clarissonic because I need a lot of moisture, but even the nicest
    moisturizers tend to clog my pores. You look amazing, by the way. I’m

  • aleidacastroxo | Makeup 3 years ago

    Great video. I make videos too. I would love for u to check them out 

  • Daneen Covino-Rogers 3 years ago

    50?!?! Stop that, you look 36-38 the most!

  • iman0626 3 years ago

    I’m Hispanic and have always had good skin. I’m 36 years old. knowing what
    you know now, what would you recommend to keep a youthful look for someone
    my age? 

  • Angela Tran 3 years ago

    In where I live, we don’t need a prescription to buy tretinoin products xD
    I can get a 30g of tretinoin 0.05% with under 5 dollars LOL

  • Mandy Hamilton 3 years ago

    Thank you for this informative video; loved it, and I subscribed. 

  • geekNchic 3 years ago

    Gosh, you are SO incredibly beautiful!! O.O

  • Sherri Lynn 3 years ago

    I’m picking up a prescription for the tretinoin .05 today. It’s $100 (not
    covered by ins.), but my dermatologist said it would last a year. That’s
    actually not a lot to pay at all for what it does and how long a tube
    lasts. Thanks for these videos on all of this. I’ll be ordering some of
    the vitamin c serum as soon as I finish this post. I already have the
    CeraVe products you mentioned and a retinol cream. I’m one of those that
    just went through my younger years not giving my skin the attention it
    deserved and needed. I’m also guilty of not using sunscreen. I’m
    freckled, and now have some age spots making their debut. I know I’m going
    to be doing a major peel as soon as I get my nerve up. I’ve done at-home
    peels for a while, but have only done the very light ones. The next one is
    going to be major.

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