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  • Mia T 3 years ago

    do you like liqourice?

  • marciojpq 3 years ago

    Great video, can you put in the description the links were we can buy each
    one of this products? ;D thanks again for the great video.

  • Mia T 3 years ago

    would you sing something to us?

  • TheMissingLink679 3 years ago

    Could you do a skin care video with a smaller budget in mind? I went to buy
    some of the things you showed here (elemis wash, menscience tonic, clinique
    turnaround, ole henriksen tinted moisturizer, clinique anti-fatigue pen),
    and it ended up being more than $195 (about 142 euros). I would love to be
    able to buy these products over and over to use every day/week, but I
    can’t. I’m still in school, money is tight, and thats just not realistic
    for me, and others. Help?

  • LeiahAndAndie 3 years ago

    You are just wayyyyy to cute!!

  • Jim Chapman 3 years ago

    @TheAndyRichards Yeah, they are pretty good too. I’ll do a vid on them!

  • Hi, sexy Boy, will more see, o.k.? thanks

  • Cecilie Helmuth 3 years ago

    im from Denmark like Ole Henriksen, and i must say that you are saying it
    petty good 😉

  • watcherako2008 3 years ago

    you’re so cool and fun to watch! The Philippines loves you!

  • WOGI5M 3 years ago

    why would you want your facial hair to grow less dense if you’re a male?

  • Laura Lopez 3 years ago

    lovee the background 😀 x

  • MrDelusionalPenguin 3 years ago

    @j1mmyb0bba Hey Jim do you have any advice for men with long hair? I’m
    growing it out but its depressing how little help I get from anywhere Ive
    seen every picture of a bloke with long hair a dozen times and have barely
    picked up any decent tips. So any advice? I’m not completely against
    cutting it short once again but I do have a long face (oblong i think) and
    I think i do look better with long hair. But ive never taken care of myself
    when i had short hair so am unsure on what to do..!

  • VlogJennerator 3 years ago

    Didn’t you already do a haircut video?

  • Jenniferisobel84 3 years ago

    Hi jim, love watching your videos to pass on tips to my bf! Love watchin
    tanya’s as well and especially like the ones you do together! More of them

  • VTViEt 3 years ago

    The Ole product u’r using is “pure perfection” or “Truth revealed”?

  • Ameera Princess 3 years ago

    Do you watch soccer? If so, what team do you like?

  • kelly leech 3 years ago

    You’ve got lovely skin jim! Nice comment for a man ha! X

  • Nikita Eloise 3 years ago

    @mabberh SAME! its hilarious!

  • 1992happiness 3 years ago

    i love the background

  • TheOrangekittypie 3 years ago

    Love your videos as usual! 🙂 Could you put the name of the products in the
    description box? Especially the moisturizing one that’s really hard to
    pronounce. I want to buy some of them for my boyfriend.

  • olini1989 3 years ago

    ialways find it hard to buy gifts for guys..maybe you can make a vid with
    some would be so helpful<3 greetings from greece!!p.s. i made all
    of my friends to subscibe to your chanel and tan's!!haha

  • RusserXD 3 years ago

    Olé Henriksen ;p

  • paufg 3 years ago

    Love the backround!!! Keep it! Please!

  • bananahead31 3 years ago

    this is why I have a thing for nerds lol 😉

  • galaxycho 3 years ago

    Keep the background! Love it!

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