Homemade wrinkle cream is easy to make by mixing three slices of avocado with about five drops of almond oil, and it can be applied to the entire face or jus… Video Rating: 3 / 5 Related


  • Ritika Maini 3 years ago

    can we use olive oil instead of almond oil! since olive oil is considered
    to be very beneficial as a mosturizer for the whole body, face and hair

  • EuropeanSkinCare 3 years ago

    yah.. that mixtures are really great..but some mixtures can be combine not
    only in avocados.. There are lots of available products that can be use for

  • girlietexan 3 years ago

    i don’t watch anything from expert village because of the commercials at
    the beginning……too bad because what i’ve seen are some great ideas.

  • mandawander 3 years ago

    @yellowwitch1 how long do you leave it on for?

  • AaronH9111 3 years ago

    If you put this homemade wrinkle cream around your eyes will it help with
    dark circles also??

  • hottestgirlon 3 years ago

    are we going t get answer for how long to leave it on the face?

  • Maryjane Forsythe 3 years ago

    Your awesome thanks for the help

  • Ithink998 3 years ago

    awesome already have these ingredients. I use almond oil after my shower

  • mtuck5150 3 years ago

    “Over half a decade!!!!” LOL

  • Errin Nichole 3 years ago

    Cool,maybe I could use it in times of need???!!!:)

  • xobekahgirl 3 years ago

    come on people.. use it as a mask & then rinse it off! this is common
    sense! no one’s gonna go about their day with avocado spread all over their
    face. 😛

  • brokenleoheart 3 years ago

    i would guess its 10 to 15 min, thats the usual time for all masks, or when
    u feel like its all dried up on ur face, u can wash it off

  • Diana knales 3 years ago

    What if you have oily skin?

  • Alexia Grazyna 3 years ago

    Won’t it make your face green??????

  • Free From Wrinkles 3 years ago

    natural ways are the best!

  • EwFreDDe 3 years ago

    no im not talkign about it as litlerally NO ONE knows about, im saying if
    this shit actually would work, EVERYONE WOULD know about it, since it would
    be a medicine and not a anti wrinkle cream…

  • yanarene 3 years ago

    no, you just can’t use any oil because they are all different, like how an
    apple is different than an orange, but they are both fruits. Putting it
    directly on the skin is faster than digesting it and I think it would be
    more concentrated, but that last part is just a guess, I don’t know if it
    is a fact.

  • kiran001 3 years ago the name is called extra virgin.. can i find that product at
    walmart meijar or walgreens?

  • jeishun 3 years ago

    so its a cream or a mask? Seems weird if i just keep it in my skin and walk
    out of the house with it on my face. I doubt it would blend into the skin.

  • paisleyyama 3 years ago

    I`m just saying you can`t judge the effectiveness of a wrinkle cream on a
    young woman. You can only judge on older women who naturally have aging

  • rawbirbella 3 years ago

    Love your videos – healthy, smart, economic solutions!! So glad I found this

  • N1k1mon 3 years ago

    finally a beautiful woman promoting beauty products. 5 stars

  • maryjane742 3 years ago

    can we use this daily

  • amaraanderson 3 years ago

    Thanks for all your ideas:) My face is full of wrinkles. At first they are
    not visible but now they are visible. Lots of inconvenience. Later I have
    used REGENEVIVE anti aging kit which can reduce wrinkles with in few weeks.
    It will start working as soon as you apply it on your face. Try it once and
    see the difference.

  • meguyuki 3 years ago

    thank you for this tutorial! i’ got to try this =)

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