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  • Katie M 3 years ago

    she says corn flower nor fruit oil

  • MrAsktommy 3 years ago

    try this w…arganrain.netttt ” arganrain pure argan oil ” deminished my
    wrinkles around my eyes and lips.

  • MrR0adrunner 3 years ago

    i love it. hope it really works even for the male..i hate to see y

  • luckyluke853 3 years ago

    Very interesting and it works. Please keep on your good work! I love your
    videos 🙂

  • kill3rcop 3 years ago

    @Lakia08 lol dnt mind i was just kiddin

  • No1KCfan6 3 years ago

    @inveair good lord! you’re in your early twenties. you can’t POSSIBLY have

  • mIStiGreed 3 years ago

    he looks more like a woman.

  • Anita Munoz 3 years ago

    Can some one please write down every thing she put in the bowl? and how
    long to leave it on ? And how offend per week to used it? Thanks

  • shitzulovey 3 years ago

    egg yolk??? sounds too easy.

  • AJSwisgirl 3 years ago

    mix cream with what? Very heavy accent I couldn’t understand.

  • muna901 3 years ago

    i don’t get it what is fruit oil can any one told me ??/????

  • AaronH9111 3 years ago

    Hi, I was just checking out Vitager, does it really work as it says??

  • Mebella4u 3 years ago

    Lol I flagged it as inappropriate by accident Lool but she did take to long
    to crack open the egg!!

  • Sayeda mir 3 years ago

    Can u please tell me how often should we apply this mixture and for how
    long we should keep it on the face or neck.

  • lulu abdul 3 years ago

    great stuff

  • kayetraye 3 years ago

    geez. just use a glycolic acid cream or retin-a. i dont think there is any
    science to back this up.

  • afsha rak 3 years ago

    She is soo kind wid her words..n i respect anyone who shares knowledge…!!

  • Fozia Alvi 3 years ago

    dear sara shah can buy this organrain organoil from london, or any other
    organ oil can effactive ?

  • Alice Depaul 3 years ago

    egg yolk is good for skin and hair but smells terrible !

  • LoveSong87 3 years ago

    I thought egg whites help get rid of wrinkles.?

  • 4goldenprincesses 3 years ago

    just egg white alone is awsome……….

  • FunkehMunkehXP 3 years ago

    @AJSwisgirl: there are subtitles. It helps a little. :]

  • kay pandey 3 years ago

    believe me u don’t wanna leave it overnight….

  • clalmg 3 years ago

    After all, the egg yolk is a chicken’s period, so yeah, it HAS to smell bad.

  • happilylil 3 years ago

    i love taking Vitager, it’s really the effective for me. it made my skin
    smoother and younger looking.

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