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  • Alice Esmeralda 3 years ago

    so beautiful !

  • Stanislav Trnik 3 years ago

    You look like my grandma with that lipstick. It’s absolute kiss-repellent.
    Do your eyes and that will do the job.. doesn’t have to hide your face
    behind such painting..

  • LaKellyRey 3 years ago

    ” if you know what i mean….jelly bean” haha ^^ i love it.

  • TheMainMichelle 3 years ago

    Blush and contour are uneven. 

  • Rigel McHeaven 3 years ago

    u are GORGEOUS!

  • maiarose88 3 years ago

    ooohh!!lovin’ it!!!

  • Candice Mue 3 years ago

    Love this look! I have an Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Giveaway open on my
    channel. Xo Candice

  • sweetone1299 3 years ago

    i love this look!!!

  • destiny caldwell 3 years ago

    wow Chloe you are soo beautiful and you look amazing in any style/ colour
    of makeup !

  • Elle Is For Living 3 years ago

    Gorgeous look.

  • TheBlissList 3 years ago

    Really pretty! 

  • geekNchic 3 years ago

    This make up looks amazing on you, there’s obviously no look you can’t pull
    off! :)

  • pinkxfoxes 3 years ago


  • Sherie Thomas 3 years ago

    I got here from a link from the tutorial by mia1x .
    This video has not arrived in my inbox for some reason.

  • happily bee 3 years ago

    I miss these types of videos 🙁 

  • Alix Gibbs 3 years ago

    Perfect! <3

  • NikkieTutorials 3 years ago

    Holy Smokey! You’re looking extra sexy today Chloe! I love it! ♡ P.S.
    Remember: Lip & Hair saint ;)

  • beautybyasha . 3 years ago

    Such a beautiful look Chloe! xoxo

  • AlexandrasGirlyTalk 3 years ago

    LOVE this makeup! It looks stunning on you. Can’t wait to try it out xx

  • TheBombshellSuite 3 years ago

    Gorgeous!!! xoxoxo

  • Amanda Ensing 3 years ago

    Sexy mama! I’ve been wanting to recreate this forever because I always see
    it on pinterest so I’m glad you did it! <3

  • Shaaanxo 3 years ago

    Stunning!! LOVE this look on you <3

  • Shai M 3 years ago

    you spelled her name wrong….

  • Nia Bajaj 3 years ago

    I Don’t know why but you ALWAYS start out as a white girl and end up
    looking like an Arab/East Indian girl (Weifa Heibe/Celina Jaitely r some I
    can think of), not saying it’s a bad thing at all!

  • mla1x 3 years ago

    Amazing!! XX

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