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  • fashionshell 3 years ago

    How gorgeous can a person get?! Your face is just flawless! 😀 x

  • Rose Kimberly 3 years ago

    Beautiful:)) love you! bringing out my plums now all b.c of you!

  • MakeUpByGio 3 years ago

    STUNNING! xox

  • MakeUpButHow 3 years ago

    You are so gorgeous! 🙂 I have no words… 🙂 xoxo Elli

  • Shani Grimmond 3 years ago

    this is gorg!

  • Beautysworld 3 years ago

    beautiful =)

  • iMacUrFace 3 years ago

    That lipstick suits you so well!!!! love it and love you :)

  • Sona Gasparian 3 years ago

    Beautiful :)

  • msroshposh 3 years ago

    LOL The Ending too Cute….I’m really Loving this look 

  • Laurisa 3 years ago

    Oh my god you are absolutely STUNNING! Great tutorial! Love it! …Still
    cannot believe how stunning you are :O

  • Makeup with Raji 3 years ago

    Beautiful! New subscriber !

  • takamouri91 3 years ago

    OK, your face is pure PERFECTION! I can’t believe how pretty you are
    without make up!

  • WhiteLiteBarbie 3 years ago

    I was gunna say this girl has no personality until I saw the end of the
    video- that was actually funny. But maybe make your voice a little less
    monotone? I’m sorry I’m not trying to offend, I just think you might get
    more views? :)

  • Lois James 3 years ago

    The lid colour was different to the one you showed in the pan. #missleading

  • 91Farizah 3 years ago


  • Rozay Alexandria 3 years ago

    omg without makeup you look like Kendall Kardashian! And you’re so pretty!
    You have to tell us your skin care routine because it’s just amazing! :3 xx

  • aveen sdiq 3 years ago

    best makeup i’ve ever seen , love love from kurdistan <3 zor jwanyy

  • Crosby Mays 3 years ago

    Would you make a video all about the contacts you wear? like colors,
    brands, etc. :D

  • Shikal Michelle 3 years ago

    Honey please don.t blind your sensational eyes ^-^

  • Teni Miller 3 years ago

    you definitely are kendall jenner’s twin! :)

  • KHJ vs AR 3 years ago

    I wonder, where do you live ???

  • saba iggy 3 years ago

    Dont u need to powder the wjole face or just the conceler area?

  • PinupDollAshleyMarie 3 years ago

    It’s sickening how gorgeous you are! I must stop watching LOL. Absolutely
    stunning <3

  • Chloe Morello 3 years ago

    WOW I adore this look Evon! <3

  • MakeupByEvon 3 years ago

    some comments don’t have a reply button :/ grrrr 

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