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  • crystalis007 3 years ago

    Your skin looks great and the glitter on your eyes PRETTY!

  • Angela Lanter 3 years ago

    I really need to try the Liz Earle cleanser!! ♡

  • Myliah Dillard 3 years ago

    Your really pretty I came upon another youtuber’s Chanel thing for you and
    this is my second time watching this the first time I only watched half bc
    it at first felt boring them I just watched a different video of you your
    recent one. I have to say you energy that you give out in videos are great.
    Your skin is gorgeous to the fullest I’ve been wondering your race are you
    Spanish Latino Puerto Rican ?

  • aberdeen0107 3 years ago

    Don’t you have makeup remover wipes in the us ?

  • Lina M. S. 3 years ago

    Please do an updated makeup collection video…:)

  • bent lebnan 3 years ago

    Again again and again i love her moles a lot

  • deyay javi 3 years ago

    Are you wearing contacts??? Your eyes look different but pretty 

  • IrishKatieKatz 3 years ago

    Anyone know what type of cloth this is? 🙂 

  • Ravneet Bhogal 3 years ago

    Dulce, your eyes look so gorgeous in this video! They almost look green

  • alison tehe 3 years ago

    love u so much dulce! your truly an inspiration and i just see how you’ve
    blossomed into such an amazing role model! i wish i can meet you one day.
    can you do a videos about self confidence?

  • serena9802 3 years ago

    You are so pretty without makeup I was wondering which clarisonic do you
    use just the Mia or Mia 2 b/c I know in the video you said Mia but I just
    wanted to make sure 

  • sontylala 3 years ago

    is it just me or does she seem a little buzzed/tipsy? 

  • nellywellyful 3 years ago

    Im so aggressive when i take of my makeup. I rubbb rub rub my eyes lol smh
    bad me

  • avaliciouslove 3 years ago

    Hello. My names Ava. Im 14 and i have recently noticed fine lines under my
    eyes. Is it normal? Also, any products or tips?

  • kubiisolmaz 3 years ago

    Loved this video. . But I feel as though you used a bit to much products,
    and I know there are people out there who use more but its not good..
    products have so many chemicals and minerals that claim good but do bad..
    so you may be causing more rinkles then getting rid of them..
    I loved the video anyway 🙂
    Also for the people who are saying her face is looking different in the
    video, it is because its mirror reflection lol :)

  • Ronniechops 3 years ago

    Clarisonic was AWFUL for my skin. It was red and thinning and sore even
    though I used the delicat skin brush. I also had lots of broken capillaries
    coming through the skin on my cheeks. Chemical exfoliants are sooo much
    better! and not bad chemicals but natural acids like salicylic acid,
    glycolic or lactic.

  • Phương Thảo 3 years ago

    im asian and someone pls tell me how can i pronounce CLINIQUE?

  • fedengosbina 3 years ago

    That Estee Lauder eye serum is over 90 dollars.
    I was shocked. lol
    Thank God there are cheaper ones that work just as well

  • sofea babby 3 years ago

    Hey Dulce! i just had to say you really shouldn’t pull of your lashes like
    that girl! you’ll end up damaging your natural lashes! you should soak a
    cotton ball in warm water press it on your eyes for 10 seconds to loosen
    the lash glue then gently pull it off! 😀 meant no offence at all i just
    thought i shuld say something cuz a lot of people do it the harmful way <3

  • Immie Graice 3 years ago

    Haha the intro was adorable:”) 

  • Cesia1008 3 years ago
  • AprilAthena7 3 years ago

    Your skin is amazing! 

  • Starzy Acevedo 3 years ago

    I want to get the clarasonic but it is so expensive I don’t think my
    parents would buy it for me. I’m also 16 and it is hard to find a job. I
    don’t get an allowance I know it sucks.

  • DolledupBySamantha 3 years ago

    Your reflection in the mirror looks so different from your actual face –
    Not in a bad way what so ever, you’re gorgeous regardless but it’s very
    interesting because my mate is the same and I always wondered why? Your
    right eye (right from our angle) looks a lot smaller than the other eye? Or
    maybe it’s just the angle? Either way you’re a stunning human being and
    your skin is AMAAAZZIINNGGG even without makeup!!! Are you still using that
    personal microderm??? ❤Sam

  • CarahsLife 3 years ago

    your skin is so even! Definitely want to look into some of these products!

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