25 Replies to “Ombre Lips Tutorial with 3 Different Styles”

  1. OverTheM00nNBack

    So basically you’re spending over $300 to get this look. For your eyes,
    lips, and foundation. That’s pretty much insane. 

  2. Elzbieta La Salle

    Wow! Your lips look like flower petals. Beautiful!
    Thank you for an interesting video :-)

  3. Ginger Couture

    I feel like the lips would be perfect if you’re going for a glam rock type
    of look. Very nice ^o^

  4. Weavemaster Tam

    LOL we are calling this Ombre? In the 1995 all the girls wore their
    lipstick like this. 

  5. XxLunaniexX

    Don’t kill me for this… but I’m not a big fan of this look. It makes a
    nice lip shape and all, but… I mean it looks like you applied your
    lipstick properly and then gave some guy a blowjob… :’D because of which
    your lipstick got rubbed off.

  6. Nita Gill

    Whyyy haven’t I seen your videos before? Amazingnessss, can’t wait for what
    you have next!

  7. MsLilacLover1

    I was wearing this style when I was in my goth phase in the early 90’s lol
    I used silvers, dark reds and blue lipsticks w/ black liner. 

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