A fantastic home remedy to eliminate pimple over night! Also very effective in healing acne. My Blog:… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


  • Pinkiepink10 3 years ago


  • Alexa Bieber 3 years ago

    wohnst du in deutschland?:)

  • mejicochica27 3 years ago

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    website that has all organic, fair trade products and is actually
    reasonably priced! I plan on ordering some of their products soon, but
    thought you should check it out too because it looks really good. The
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  • TheRod8622 3 years ago

    Can you make a video on how to wash your face naturally?

  • VeganYogaMama 3 years ago

    Neat-I’ve been getting on and off cyst pimples throughout my pregnancy, so
    I’ll keep this in mind.

  • DanielleBeautyBliss 3 years ago

    10-20 mins and yes you just wash it off 🙂

  • Igi Co 3 years ago

    bicarbonate powder is fine??

  • Andre de Leon 3 years ago

    oh no, you`re married!? lol.

  • Thomas Mobley 3 years ago


  • Lifeisagift1990 3 years ago

    Nice! I use tea tree essential oil for pimples. I dab it on with a cotton
    swab. I apply it during the day (under my mineral foundation) and at night.

  • DuskyMike 3 years ago

    Full grown man learning to clear acne from a little gir- wait. She’s
    married? Whaaaat

  • 0Emelie 3 years ago

    Thank u ! 😀

  • hamdha hassan 3 years ago

    thank u :p it really work.

  • jenna lakin 3 years ago

    Can I use normal vinegar? Please answer quickly!!!

  • amy marie 3 years ago

    thank you! i am going to try this =) i do have acne and usually use a
    pretty harsh cleanser on my face. so harsh that i am unable to use it while
    pregnant 🙁 my face is so broken out right now that i can’t wait to give
    this a go =) cheers! & thanks again for sharing =D

  • beautylover96 3 years ago

    I just tried this and this works! Thanks =]

  • DanielleBeautyBliss 3 years ago

    I will start my research on that. 🙂

  • Brandin Welch 3 years ago

    thx u sooo much for this… i have problem skin and i dont know what to do.
    im a guy so i have blemsihes, acne and everytime i use a moistureizer my
    skin looks greasy wht do i do??? by the way om black i olny say that cause
    i know my skin is different

  • ashie48 3 years ago

    Thank you thank you thank you!! I have had an acne issue for so long, I
    hope this helps! Do you leave it on as a mask all night or wash it off
    atfer 20min or so??

  • mledoll 3 years ago

    thanks for sharing =D

  • vanny nichkhun 3 years ago

    can i use regular vinegar, cause i dont have the apple cider one and i have
    a major acne prob

  • PartyRockers1316 3 years ago

    Could I use regular vinegar??

  • Younme21x 3 years ago

    your videos are amazing. I don’t like BUYING any skin products from the
    store because of all the chemicals and crap they put in products today.. so
    these home remedies are extremely helpful for me.

  • mindy14oya . 3 years ago

    what if u dont have apple cider vinegar?

  • @TheRod8622 if you put oats in the blender so it is a powder you can use it
    to wash your face

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