Details Here’s a back workout that does not require any equipment. These moves are designed to tone and sculpt your back. My first Sexy Bac… Related




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  • Paulina Hiddleston 3 years ago

    July 9th done :D

  • Jackie Meyer 3 years ago

    #newbodymakeover day 27
    almost done 1 more workout. This workout was really good

  • lakisha casimir 3 years ago

    Janurary 2nd!!!

  • Bannie13x 3 years ago

    I absolutely loved this workout cassey! 🙂 you always crack me up!!

  • Lone Brixen 3 years ago

    loved itt

  • Carly 3 years ago

    loved this one..was relaxing :)

  • Ada W 3 years ago

    You said it a little bit late, don’t you think _”
    hhhhhh but I loved that dramatic effect :D

  • pancakewafflewarrior 3 years ago

    January day 2!! :DD So excited!

  • Serena Gelb 3 years ago

    I really loved this one :D

  • Michelle Peterson 3 years ago

    When I do the sealish move my hip bones naturally stick out so when I do
    the position it is kind of crushing them under my body weight. Any tips?

  • Samantha Sujo 3 years ago

    Finished with today’s workout :)

  • sam swanson 3 years ago

    So I’m a guy and doing this…(Gay also). This always kills me because I
    never work my back….ever. lol

  • 123Sweetay 3 years ago

    I still workout every day but for some reason I’ve kinda lost hope on
    getting the body I want and its so frustrating

  • Sara Anderson 3 years ago

    I love this workout! I planned on doing it for a few weeks and seeing some
    relief in my low back pain but after doing it a couple of times, my back
    felt soo much better. 

  • streetstylemagic 3 years ago

    this will literally do nothing.

  • XxSugaSugaxX 3 years ago

    January Day 2! 

  • ilove1direction28 3 years ago

    OMG I love this workout, IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! (That’s what she said, haha)

  • LadySofja 3 years ago

    Love this! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Magnimazing 3 years ago

    So….did anyone else knee themselves in the face during the ball? ._.

  • Christine Miller 3 years ago

    Oh my goodness day 9 for upper bod……wow

  • LilmissBrownEyes 3 years ago

    I’m pretty sure my arms were going to fall of in the first three videos ^.^
    at least this one was for your back :)

  • Bruna Kelly 3 years ago

    My neck hurts so bad when I do this :(

  • quietly 3 years ago

    my neck really tenses while doing the first exercises. what am i doing

  • ForeverCellist 3 years ago

    January Day 2!!
    So I have a LOT of back problems (even though I’m only 16 D:) due to both
    genetics and playing the cello, so some of these literally made me want to
    cry. XD But I made it to the end!! 😀
    As a side note, my absolute FAVORITE is the roll. It’s so fun, hahaha!!
    I really want to strengthen my back so I can stop being in pain nearly
    every day. :/ I went to physical therapy over the summer and they taught me
    some workouts/stretches to help, but I got really bored doing those. This
    is very similar but way more enjoyable! Thank you, Cassey!! You’re

  • Noblet Street Soccer and More 3 years ago

    You could literally do anything other than being completely sedentary, and
    you’d sculpt your back as much or more than this. Why do people think this
    works? You work your back picking up your belonging or anything more than
    you will doing this entire workout. Other than placebo effect, I can see
    nothing it will do for actual results.

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